Sony dvd burner rubbish

  Mr-C 23:07 30 Mar 2004

I have a mesh PC which is almost a year old.
I am onto my 3rd DW-U10A dvd burner and my pile of useless discs increases. It seems just when I find a media that this drive likes it suddenly changes its mind and wont read or right to them anymore. All the hard work in saving stuff to dvd-rw was rewarded by the drive making the disc unreadable therefore losing everything.
Friends of mine have different burners i.e teac and pioneer and they have never had any probs at all with any media.
One other small thing when I go to system info and click on cd-rom there is nothing shown in the right hand payne as if it does not have any drives. I also have a lite-on cd burner and that doesnt show up either.
Any help as to why i am having these problems would be great as my hair has little left to pull out now.

  Dragon Heart 00:59 31 Mar 2004

Your system may not like both a CD AND DVD burner at the same time. Try disconnecting the IDE & power cables from lite-on CD burner and try your DVD again !

My hair has little left to pull out now too and what is left is going grey ....... that's due to USB problems and an ex wife (at least I can switch the PC off).

  y_not 05:52 31 Mar 2004

My NEC DVD drive was replaced once before I realised that there was a conflict ... before you rush off to device manager, mine said there wasn't a problem!

I removed the CD drive and for the last year its worked fine with only a couple of DVD coasters several months ago.

Having two drives means you can write on the fly (saving a few seconds) but how many hours has it cost trying to sort out the problem?

  Dragon Heart 01:19 02 Apr 2004

As y_not rightly said having two drives means you can copy from one drive to another so if you still need this facility get a standard high quality CD-ROM to replace the lite-on CD burner !

I can't use dud DVD's as coasters as my son tries to play them on his Playstation and gets very cross when they don't work !

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