Sony DRU500AX and Buffer Underruns

  shaduf 19:58 02 Apr 2003

I have just bought a Sony DRU500AX Dual DVD drive and I am a bit confused as to Buffer Underrun and what it means exactly.
After making coasters out of five CD-R’s I realised the B/U protection couldn’t be working.
I am not sure whether the protection the drive has is in the hardware or the software.
All I can find within the software supplied (Record Now) is “Powerburn: Disable, Enable or Enable only for Single Disc Jobs” The latter option was enabled as standard. After I changed the setting to Powerburn Enable I was able to make a satisfactory working CD-R. I had also lowered the speed to 2x although I was using a TDK 16x CD-R.

The drive is driverless and there are no settings externally for it so I assume B/U protection has to be software based. Can anyone confirm this? The very minimal User Guide, under the heading Buffer Underrun Error Protection says, “Powerburn for CD-R technology, Lossless Linking for DVD.” Does all burning software support Powerburn? I can’t ever remember seeing it in Easy CD Creator.

It must all be very obvious but the penny hasn’t dropped yet !

Thanks for your anticipated help.


  crx16 20:49 02 Apr 2003

i have the same drive and can confirm i didnt have to install any drivers.But the drives do have a 'firmware' that can be upgraded,

is this replacing an old drive,and ifso did you remove the driver for that first.

have a look in device manager to see if there are any problems.control panel\system\device manager\CD-ROM,and maybe see what firmware you have eg, 1.1a.

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