Sony Dongle to connect to TV

  doz123 12:37 01 Jan 2012

Hi can anyone help me in simple terms. I have just purchased a Sony KDL40ex523 and a Dongle.

I have tried to follow Sony instructions for the dongle which are rubbish.

First what is my WPA key no could it be, this appears as my default gateway on my PC.

IP address is Subnet Mask Can anyone explain to me how I set my screen up, I am at a total loss any help would be appreciated.

P.S. do I say No to proxy server.

My Wireless router is Thomson 585

  difarn 16:23 01 Jan 2012

Your WPA is the router key and usually found underneath the actual router itself. See the attached article about your router.

If you cannot find this go into your router by typing it's IP address in the address bar - in your router's case it is - you will then need to enter your username and password - if you haven't changed these then they could be admin and password or admin and leave password blank.In your router's settings, look for a "security" or "wireless security" tab. Open this tab, and the WPA key should be displayed.

You say "no" to proxy server.

Don't know whether you have downloaded the set up instructions for the tv but you can find them here.

  doz123 18:30 01 Jan 2012

Hi thanks for your help, is the Wireless key number on the bottom of my router the WPA key number i.e. A582C0E422.

I have gone through the procedure and entered that number then auto but it keeps saying Wireless Connection OK Local access failed internet access failed. I am getting a bit fed up.

I tried what you said about typing in the ip address but none of the user names and passwords seem to work. My son set the wireless up for me I wrote down the password but not my user name. What on earth can I do.

  difarn 22:29 01 Jan 2012

Your user name may still be Admin.

If it says WPA to the left of it then it is the key number - looks as if it could be. This will be the key typed in when your wireless router was set up.

Is there a button you need to press on your router so that your dongle is "paired" with it and recognises it? Is there a WPS button on the front of your router. If so you could try pushing this - it is a wifi-protected set-up button that should automatically provide everything you need to set up the connection with your dongle.

Another thing to try is to update the hardware for the tv set.

Have found this You Tube video which takes you through the steps - may help.

You may also be interested to read these other postings on this site with the same problem.

You are not alone having so much trouble with this set up.

  difarn 22:36 01 Jan 2012

Found another article in this forum - if you have a look at the post by Bordersman you may find that this applies to you. Certainly seems to have worked in this case.

  doz123 11:14 03 Jan 2012

Hi thanks for all your responses, still not connected, I have been onto Sony for 30 minutes, they could not solve the problem when I scan TV finds the Router, but local and internet access fails. Then contacted my internet provider they state router working OK as the TV finds the router.

My Iphone is connected to the router OK, my son set that up and said he only entered the WPA key and changed nothing. I am at a total loss of what to do next any suggestions other than throwing the dongle out of the window.

  difarn 12:56 03 Jan 2012

Not very helpful of Sony really.

Just to recap:-

Default Gateway and DNS Server addresses should be the same as the router's IP address - have a look at the posts by ETAF in this article

  doz123 13:10 03 Jan 2012

Thanks for your response DFARN

Can I ask you if this is correct

IP Address . . . . . . . . . . . : windows IP config Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : routers IP DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : routers IP

I think I have tried this but I am sure it stated something was conflicting.


  difarn 14:04 03 Jan 2012

These settings appear to be right.

What is your tv IP address set to? This should be the same as the router. ings?

When you initially tried to set up your connection what did you do? Did you choose the secured or unsecured wireless configuration?

  doz123 14:12 03 Jan 2012

How do I find out what my TV IP is set to, I just typed cmd then ipconfig to get the PC IP address. Sorry I am not very good at these things.

  difarn 14:32 03 Jan 2012

Sorry - forget the IP of the tv - that is for a tv with integral lan connection.

Did you have to put your dongle into your pc to set it up at first. Was there a set up disc? Some do and then are asked to select network from a list and you then have to enter your WPA code. Following completion of this the dongle is removed from the pc and inserted into the tv.

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