Sony DCR-TRV19 write to CD

  66scorpio 14:28 02 Dec 2003

Hi Lads!
I am in need of some expert advice, or knowing the level you are all capable of, some super expert advice.
You could, if you’re so inclined save me from a fate far worse than support…… my brother.
He bought a Time Platina and has had no significant problems; in fact I think it is superb although it only has CD-RW and a CD-Rom. He has now purchased a Sony DCR-TRV19 Mini DV Camcorder which came bundled with Image Mixer. Although we can D/L the movie to Image Mixer, edit, impose titles etc we cannot seem to write to CD. Image Mixer apparently will not “write” the saved image according to it’s write up, and although we have manage to use windows to “write to disk” it will not play on any medium. I know we are doing something wrong but I do not know enough to solve this problem (I get three or four phone calls a day) HELP ME PLEASE. My Brothers 72 and comparatively new to computers, but he’s mastering it well. Can anybody direct me where to obtain enough advice to understand what is wrong? Sony support say the only commitment is as far as Image Mixer and refuse to help further. One further piece of info, I made up a “video” of stills with music and titles in Windows Movie Maker that plays through Win Media Player on My PC, but all attempts to play on my brothers PC only out-puts the sound…. the screen is black.

  MichelleC 15:37 02 Dec 2003

I like Sony dv devices, but some of their software stinks. Can IM render to avi? If so use nero or like to burn.

  66scorpio 15:52 02 Dec 2003

Thanx for input MichelleC
Yes can save avi and will try when we obtain Nero as he has decided to change CD-RW for DVD-RW but will this not be a step backward i thought avi was old tech. However if this works it's one step forward to standing still.

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