sony crx230a

  hugh-265156 00:01 27 Jan 2004

just got this cd writer a few days ago and it works great.very fast compared to my old drive but i have a problem.

using nero 6 infotool,it reports the read speed as only x12.the write speed is correctly reported as x40 default or x52 if i turn on the turbo option.this is correct.

i tried nero drivespeed to alter the read speed but can only select x12 x8 or x4.

in operation it all seems to work does not seem slow to read and burns fine however,if its supposed to read at x52 then i want that option available even though it may never be used.

its on the secondary ide as master to a dvd combo.dma is enabled.have xp home.

any ideas.ta.

  hugh-265156 00:02 27 Jan 2004

oh for an edit button.

sorry about the title folks.

  hugh-265156 00:33 27 Jan 2004

have been reading click here

all these folks recommend a flash to a modified liteon firmware as a solution.just recieved a reply to same question suggesting this.should have known before i posted it that this would be their advice :-)

obviously im not doing this as its a brand new drive.will hang on to it for a while in case alternative solutions arise.

  hugh-265156 01:42 27 Jan 2004


  tafoody 02:34 27 Jan 2004

try click here just in case it's this simple solution.

  hugh-265156 02:42 27 Jan 2004

worked a treat with a disc that contained data.thank you tafoody now x40 or x52 with turbo.i was using a blank cdr to test.DOH!

  Djohn 02:48 27 Jan 2004

Pleased you sorted it huggyg71, thought you was going to be talking to yourself all night! Nice find tafoody. ;o)

  hugh-265156 02:52 27 Jan 2004


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