Sony Connect and Sonicstage

  wildbore 20:22 10 Dec 2005

I am planning on buying a sony NW-A1000 and all the reviews say that connect is terrible. However I have downloaded Sonicstage 3.3 to see what it is like as it also is meant to work with the NW-A1000 and so far I cant find any problems with it other than it being slightly on the sluggish side and being a bit awkward to work. I would just like to know, if anyone does have connect and the NW-A1000 or 3000, if the problems are just with transferring songs to the hardware, because so far I have found no life threatening problems with Sonicstage, which is what everybody is making it out to be. Also if anybody has Connect is this massively worse than sonicstage? Are the problems with connect to do with CD ripping particularly? I won't need to copy any CDs as my music is already all on the PC. Thanks a lot if you can answer my question.

  billw 12:42 14 Dec 2005

Oh yes the Connect software sucks alright. I don't understand how hardware manufacturers can keep doing this. They need to start hiring professionals to write thier software instead of getting thier kids to do it /rant.
I managed to get Connect software to upload a few songs.
I also made the mistake of getting it to catalogue my (35gig) MP3 library by itself. Since then it takes about 10 minutes just to start, and won't upload songs to my player.
Also you can't use it for organising MP3s cos it takes about a minute to write out a single tag (I have a top end PC, AMD64 3800, Dual 7200rpm SATA in striped RAID config etc).
I use SonicStage now instead, which is 10 times better, but I could still write something better in my lunch hour.
What Sony need to do is release the API for interfacing with thier hardware and let real programmers write the software using GPL licensing.

  wildbore 17:46 14 Dec 2005

Thanks a lot billw, just one last question, do the artist link and the year search functions work with sonicstage, I heard somewhere that they dont.

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