Sony Camera program, I think I am going mad !

  3tg 20:19 10 Jul 2003

In the past I could download from my camera to the program that came with it. Now when I try to open the program I get an error box with "CSAlbun has caused an error in Nvdisp.drv CSAlbum will now close". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program but I cant get past this message. Nvdisp.drv is in Windows/options/cab and also in Windows/system. As a bit of a novice can anyone help ?. I am in this forum now, and to get the exact message, I "opened the program expecting the get the error message and I got in. I am mystified. Cheers.

  User-312386 20:21 10 Jul 2003

what operating system are you running and when did the fault start occurring?

  bremner 20:24 10 Jul 2003

Nvdisp.drv sounds like an Nvidia file - have you updated your graphics card drivers recently.

If so I would revert to the previous one and see if that makes a difference.

  3tg 09:51 11 Jul 2003

OS is Windows ME, I am not sure when the fault started as I haven't tried to access it for a while, however I have noticed that the screen keeps "flicking" now. I have tried "restore" but I dont know how far back to go. I haven't changed any drivers, I checked the properties of Nvdisp.drv and it is a Nvidia file and it is listed in ControlPanel/System as Display adapters. I have just tried again, and I can only access the program if I am ONline. weird!!! Cheers

  3tg 11:01 11 Jul 2003

Can't spell these days ! Anyway I think I may have fixed it. I checked the driver disk supplied with the computer and the Video drivers were Nvidia, so I took the chance and reinstalled them, so far so good. I still have the "flickering" screen though !. THanks for your help anyway, if I still have trouble "I will be back" Cheers

  bremner 15:37 11 Jul 2003

Flickering screen may be your resolution needs increasing. Choose Settings > Advanced > Monitor in Display Properties and if it is at 60Hz increase it to at least 75 and higher if the monitor will take it

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