Sony Bravia TV won't connect to Sky intertnet

  [email protected] 12:44 18 Oct 2015

Hi can anyone help my new TV can't find my sky internet but can see my neighbours EE internet, tried manual set up nothing seems to be working

  Pine Man 12:47 18 Oct 2015

Might seem obvious BUT have you enabled your WIFI?

  [email protected] 12:49 18 Oct 2015

Yes press the WPS button on modem still not found Internet, typed in sky name still nothing

  spuds 16:37 18 Oct 2015

I am watching this post with interest!.

  Pine Man 16:57 18 Oct 2015

My Sony TV, in the living room, is very poor at picking up my WIFI signal, which comes from a room upstairs, although it picks up, what may be a stronger signal, from next door.

I tried connecting with a cable and it was fine so I invested in a couple of Home Plugs and now have a permanent wired connection.

  [email protected] 19:41 18 Oct 2015

The modem is in the same room as the TV, the TV can see my neighbours wifi but not my sky WIFI, it is wireless, all my other tablets, phones and my laptop connect with no problems. We tried manual set up to try and find the router and put in our (router) wifi name, but still unable to see wifi. Don't know what the radio to 5ghz ? Thanks all for replying, I am going to call Sony tomorrow, I will post what they say.

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