Sony 510A DVD writer problems

  charlieburton 20:59 18 Sep 2003

Hope you or anyone else can help/advise? I have just bought a Sony DVD writer (510a) and as of yet I?m not very happy with the results. I?m trying to copy a simple data file (under 4 GB) to a DVD-R and I keep getting a fault of ?Data Job (name of session) Terminated With Errors. ERROR -10 at Sector 1767136 ?Disc Write Error ? Command:2A Sense :03 ASC:)0C, ASCQ:08. This happens on an actual ?write session? or on a ?Test? session and the disk is rejected each time. Media in use is Sony DVD-Rs 4.7 GB. I have searched on various web sites related to DVD writing problems and there have been a few reports of the same problem but no answer was found regarding eliminating the fault. I have DMA enabled ?If Available? in Win XP Pro.
I did find a Q329112 on MSs site regarding problems with saving a large file (>4gb or more) when a ?Multisession? recording is tried. (I tried with a file of less than the suggested limit as well). I have set the software (RecordNow DX, supplied with the drive) to close session , all to no avail. I have also tried Roxio 5+ which finds the drive, writes the file but then reports a similar problem and also a ?Buffer overrun? problem. When I used a DVD-RW for the same session the file was saved with no reports of a ?problem?. Nearly all of the advice I have found on the internet tries to blame the Media used but hang on, this is a Sony drive and I?m using Sony Media!!
This is my first experience of using DVD recorders and as such I think it?s been a waste of time and money. Can you help me out of this quandary and restore my faith in our IT world we live in??

  TOPCAT® 22:16 18 Sep 2003

with problems. TC.

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  charlieburton 22:26 18 Sep 2003

thanks tc but ive been there already. in fact i must have been on every 'help' forum regarding the problem. just need some advice as to how to get the thing working?
ps just used the 'simple backup' software that came with the package and that writes to the dvd-rs fine?? puzzled or what?? it has to be simple but i cant see it????

  TOPCAT® 22:44 18 Sep 2003

that yours is a common fault and most people have either sent the Sony for repair or accepted a refund. It could be you have been sold a returned unit placed back into stock as is, which I hope is not the case.

I do not yet possess a DVD writer, and from what I've read it would not be the 510a in any case until this fault is rectified. Sorry I cannot help you further on this. TC.

  TOPCAT® 22:52 18 Sep 2003

Have you got firmware 1.0c installed on yours charlieburton? TC.

"Hi Glen, please refer to the link below in regards to their DRU 510 drive.

We also need their feedback as to whether the firmware has fixed the problem. Please let me know the feedback from the customers.

Also make sure they don't have anything running in the background and make sure screen saver is off and no programs running. Please update the case and let me know the outcome. Thanks."

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  charlieburton 00:53 19 Sep 2003

i will try the upgrade path and let you/forum know the outcome. at the moment i have taken all the software off (roxio, veritas etc) and going to try nero. the nero info tool has just 'flagged' up a problem with aspi32.sys and aspi install being corupted. not sure if this is a bum steer??? we will be back!

  zig zag 01:20 19 Sep 2003

regards the aspi problem, with nero you may get the option to use either the 'nero aspi' or 'system aspi' via the 'nero info tool' start\programs\ahead nero\nero toolkit\nero info tool.

i wont pretend to understand the workings of this, but maybe a change from one to the other may help.

have been running a sony DWU-10a (dru-500) since feb with no problems, using 'system aspi'

agree with TOPCAT® that firmware update shoud be first port of call.

also the sony site has some sort of drive check software which may be worth running

  charlieburton 08:38 19 Sep 2003

thanks for the advice, but tried all that, software update, now '1.0c'. Tried the check software off sonys site. it really only does a check of the 'cdr-r/w' side of things and it passed. Only thing left is to upgrade to nero 6 or roxio 6 and try them. Again all the info found online regarding similar problems say to try different brand media but i have the recomended sony disks so i thought that cant be right. Might try DVD+ disks as some info says (usa sites) that they are more reliable??? Last point for any experts who may help, everything works, cd-r,cd-rw, dvd-rw but dvd-r reports 'ERROR -10 at Sector 1767136 -Disc Write Error- Command:2A Sense :03 ASC:)0C, ASCQ:08(They work ok when used as 'backup' media with Veritas 'Simple Backup') Only spent 2 days on the prob now, with 3 coasters! Not bad odds i suppose LOL - please help anyone?????

  charlieburton 17:58 19 Sep 2003

Thanks again people for your help and advice. it would appear the the problem was related to the aspi files on my system. xp doesnt need ?? aspi files like 98. there is a bit of a quandry over this as what are the correct settings/files to have. in part of the invest i installed vob software and this did install aspi files but of a very old date. as for my problem i went to the adaptic website and downloaded the most uptodate aspi files for use in xp and 'hey presto' she works!!! thats 50 mp3 albums on one dvd-r at 192kbp. happy or what :-)

  TOPCAT® 21:14 19 Sep 2003

And thanks for coming back to let us know how you resolved things. Could be of benefit to other Sony 510a users with similar difficulties. TC.

  lightfeet 09:54 13 Dec 2003

Hi charlieburton, I am considering getting a Sony 510A DVD writer (or maybe a Pioneer DVR-A06, but can’t make up my mind as I've heard of a few people having problems with the Sony writer) The 510A has a good review in PCA and am wondering how you are getting on with yours after the initial teething problems. Are you now happy with it?

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