Sonic Stage

  BONGO5 21:25 24 Jul 2005

Hi ,I recently purchased a Sony NW-HD5 MP3 player.
I lose my broadband connection after i have ripped and transfered a CD into the Sonic Stage software.This happens every time.
Can anyone help.
Thank you.

  Chris Webster 22:06 24 Jul 2005

Is it after using the software or after disconnecting your mp3 player?

  patsyanne 08:51 25 Jul 2005

Do a search here for NW-HD3 and look at the troubles i have had with Sonic stage if you go on to sonicstage help page you can get to talk to the help desk by typing but i think its in the USA so you have to get your time right i talked to Murphy really nice but at the end of the day sonicstage software is rubbish !

  patsyanne 08:59 25 Jul 2005

click here help page for you , I have had to unistall Sonicstage now cause something on my computer doesnt like it <me>

  patsyanne 09:15 25 Jul 2005

Or you can call Sony on that 0870 number but i used this to get the right number cause they are in Newbury click here just put the number they want you to call then up comes the proper number then say you need to speak to consumer help for your NW-HD5, they are helpful as well ,hope you sort it out cause whats the use of having a mp3 you cant put songs on ! and when you do manage to get songs on you have 6 of the same song !

  BONGO5 21:09 25 Jul 2005

The problem occurs when i've used the software to upload my CD and transfer it to the player.

  patsyanne 08:59 26 Jul 2005

BONGO5 have you tried calling sony to ask them ?the guy that helps has a sony player using sonicstage ,i was told by lots of different people to not have a lot of programs running when you are using sonic dont touch the mouse.
I think your lucky if your getting that far with it at least you can songs on to your mp3,call up sony help desk as i think there are not so many people that come on here that have sonicstage .Good little player but the software lets it down .

  BONGO5 22:21 27 Jul 2005

Thank you for your advice patsyanne.I will try ringing the help desk.

  patsyanne 13:31 28 Jul 2005

I am now using Vaio to put my songs on its a program by sony but for me it doesnt crash my computer i just drag and drop the music files in but not as good as sonicstage as i dont think any have gone in as Artrac so i wont get the 13,000 songs that they say you can put on using Artrac. If you search on google there are so many help pages for Sonicstage but not seen your problem and havnt seen my problem there either but now i have managed to put nearly all the songs i want on to it and listen to the music, its got a great sound oh and there is a hack to make the volume go up as well,anyway you have a better player than mine i did look at that one on ebay nearly the same price as what i paid for mine !

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