Sometimes it worth paying that bit more.....

  Jester2K II 09:50 26 Nov 2003

After having had some problems with questionable quality printing from my 2 year old Canon S630 it finally went loopy on me. It would only print the top half of every third line.

I've treated plently of printers to know this is a printer head blockage problem. Usually on the cheaper printers its damn near impossible to clean the head satisfactorily as they are fixed (with the exception of those models where the heads are fixed to the cartridges) inside the print never to be removed. I've been trying all sorts until this morning when i was about to give up - wondering why i didn't buy a cheap one i could justify repleacing....

Finally whilst staring aimlessly at the open printer i noticed what looked like a lever. I pulled it and presto the entire cartridge cradle complete with ink jet heads lifted straight out! (i'd forgotten about this since the day i put it in) I turned it over and found 2 years worth of muck and ink (including about half a cats worth of fur) stuck underneath. Some tissue, Isopropanol and 5 minutes drying time and presto - Perfect prints once again....

Sometimes the extra is worth it...

(Just soooooooo happy)

  MichelleC 10:25 26 Nov 2003

I bet the cat was happy too after being released ;0)

  matthew-293741 10:37 26 Nov 2003

jester, just remember that IPA is a highly flammable solvent, so please dispose of the tissues properly!!

Fireman sam

  Stuartli 11:39 26 Nov 2003

My seven-year-old Canon BJC600e is very similar, is in use every day and still has the original print head.

The beauty of it is that it has four separate cartridges - black (which can be double capacity), cyan, magenta and yellow.

Replacement compatible JR or Jettech cartridges are under £2 each (£2.35 for double capacity black) from CPC in Preston.

Amazingly, until CPC swapped from JR to Jettech earlier this year, the same price JR versions had TWO cartridges in a pack...:-)

The only time the printer has clogged up it has been my own fault in using cheap paper; the fibres block up the printer, but a cleaning routine on whichever colour is affected soon clears it.

  Stuartli 11:42 26 Nov 2003

Another point about the BJC600e is that it is so quiet and vibration free that it sits on top of my midi tower side situated alongside the monitor; I can easily print and collect the sheet(s) without moving from my chair.

Ironic that Canon went back to using separate cartridges about two years ago...:-)

  Djohn 16:43 26 Nov 2003

Yep! That's the beauty of a Canon printer. Ink cartridges come without a print-head, but the head is removable/replaceable from the printer itself. Best of both worlds. j.

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