Sometimes it start, sometimes it dosen't

  ChrisC168 15:54 29 Mar 2017

Few days ago I went on took out my GPU to see if there's enough space for my next GPU upgrade, then put it back in place. However, that night when i tried to start it, the can hear the DVD drive and CPU fan, case fan spun for half a second and then stopped, it won't start while it kept doing it automatically. I thought it was problems caused my dusts, I cleaned everything with a air blower and a vacuum cleaner without touching the mobo, and it started eventually, but the problem came back today. Having no idea of what happened, i checked on all of my cables to see if they are loosed , and it still won't start. Then I decided to send it for repair, still, I gave it a last try, after accidentally banged it on the floor, it started normally, except for a bit of stuggle( DVD drive made weird sound)

Now I'm guessing that it is the power button causing the problem

Please help ! THX

  ChrisC168 15:57 29 Mar 2017

BTW, I that there are lot's of people have similar problem in PC forums in these few days,

  boyo123boyo 21:43 29 Mar 2017

What operating system are you running?

Did the computer boot the OS then stop or did it stop before the boot had finished?

  ChrisC168 01:11 30 Mar 2017

Win7, and it stopped before the OS boot

  boyo123boyo 17:50 30 Mar 2017

This doesn't seem to be a power button issue.

Has anything changed in the system since it last worked apart from the removing and reinserting of your GPU?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 30 Mar 2017

A bump and it starts working again - suggests a loose component - as you have checked the connections (worth doing again) - remove and refit graphics card and memory sticks to make sure fully home in their slots - check the connections to the hard drives and DVd drives as well.

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