Something's gone wrong with my scroll rate.

  shytilwet23 10:03 11 Jul 2003

Ohhhh, please help! Something's badly wrong. Ok, I can access sites without trouble. But when I try to scroll down, it takes 5 minutes to scroll just a little bit. Only with the mouse; using the keyboard seems ok.
Ran virus found errors in win386.swp which I deleted from dos.....but it keeps blowing out to 90 plus's usually around 20. Also an error in pointer.exe which I replaced but didn't help, same error.
Running win95...haven't installed any strange software lately.......Haven't messed with any settings that I can think of. Only other unusual thing happening is that when I type it's taking a while for the words to appear on screen.
Driving me mad.......being online is hopeless.....PLease help.

  bof:) 10:36 11 Jul 2003

Hi shytilwet23,

have you checked to see what programs are running in the background by pressing ctrl+alt+del at the same time.

it may be that some are running and slowing your pc down.

Have you tried the usual scandisk/defrag etc.

Does your mouse/keyboard rely on the drivers in win95 or have they their own drivers?

win386.swp is you swop file (virtual memory) can you limit this manually, I suspect you have it set to auto. Try using the search option on this site to look foe swop fle/virtual memory setting, I'm sure it has to be a percentage of your hard drive something like a quarter or a third (I'm sure someone will correct this if I wrong).

What size is your hard drive and how much memory do you have.


  shytilwet23 12:00 11 Jul 2003

Hi, Mike......Hardly anything at all is running, just systray, i.e., explorer, lights (a modem\dial up thingy) and loadwc......Msconfig also says tweakui is running....which it usually does say.
Yes, have scanned, defragged.
Think the mouse has its own drivers and keyboard has win default.
Tried limiting the swap out of memory errors.
Hd is 2gigs, memory 32mbs........only about 100 mbs left on hd but it's been like that for ages now.
Os is win95

  bof:) 15:58 11 Jul 2003


  Djohn 16:55 11 Jul 2003

Think the swap file should be set to 10% of drive, in your case 200mb. Clear all you temp. files/Temp. internet files as well. 100 Mbs is not much room for windows to play with, so getting rid of any un-wanted programs will also help.

Also check your mouse properties for the scroll wheel rate. With most rodents that are using their own drivers you can alter the amount of lines on-screen that scroll down with each turn of the wheel. I have mine set to scroll three lines with each slight turn, this gives a quick but smooth scrolling of the page. j.

  shytilwet23 17:12 11 Jul 2003

Have cleared all temp, internet temp, unneccesary programmes.......I know I need to reformat, just can't do it til I can backup.
Mouse hasn't got scroll wheel.
Thing is, my system's been too full for ages but this problem's just started over the last few days.
Going offline....this is just too frustrating......Would appreciate any more ideas anyone has please.

  Djohn 17:23 11 Jul 2003

When you press, Ctrl/alt/del. How many programs are running, and do you notice any that are new?

  shytilwet23 08:14 12 Jul 2003

Systray, explorer, lights, loadwc, internet explorer.......Nothing new or unusual.

  shytilwet23 13:34 14 Jul 2003

Pleeeeeeeease help..........It's so weird. Offline everything's ok. I can open a html file in i.e. and scroll down at usual speed. Can type in edit programme as normal.
But online takes ages til system reacts to scroll down and when I press a key it takes 4 secs til it shows up on screen.
When I go from one web page to another I just get a white page until finally it loads.
Has taken 20 mins to type this :(
Have tightened all cables, connections, everything I could see inside comp. box and cleaned everything.
Please help.

  The Idle one 13:50 14 Jul 2003

One item commes to mind - High error rate on connection;causing excessive retries.
are you on dial up ? it could be high noise level on phone line or your isp is very busy ???
? connection speed very low
Also could be modem problem if not noise etc.

  shytilwet23 17:22 14 Jul 2003

Yes, dial-up but this isn't just net lag......Somehow the signals from my mouse, keyboard etc are taking ages to register and actually do. I type one letter and it's 3 secs b4 it shows up on screen. Offline is fine.
Just noticed one of the few programmes that runs when online and not offline is tapiexe.exe........anyone know anything about that, please?
Have run another anti virus, run spybot and ad aware and hijack this. Nothing unusual.
Been happening for about 6 days now. :(

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