Is this something with XP home sp2

  alltime 20:30 17 Mar 2006

When i start my main pc up and the laptop, the icons come on the screen, but it takes about a minute before the tv icon appears and you can connect to the internet. Is this usual with xp home and sp2 ?.

  woodchip 20:33 17 Mar 2006

It deppends what is loading at start. It sounds like you are on Dial-Up. I may be wrong

  alltime 20:36 17 Mar 2006

Hi Woodchip, hope your well, Havent been on the site for a while. Anyway no im on Bt broadband 2 meg.

  woodchip 20:42 17 Mar 2006

Your connection should be on all the time if you leave it plugged in.

ME I am made up with cold, since a week Thursday.

PS you can see what is in startup bu going to Run and type MSCONFIG go to startup tab see what's ticked

  mammak 20:43 17 Mar 2006

Hi I am with BT BB cant say I have noticed the delay on the connection icon if this what your meaning? are you on a home network with router maybe your laptop is wireless that might cause a delay in the connection only a thought.

  alltime 21:44 17 Mar 2006

Thanks for the replys, I think its all the programmes loaded in start up. ive unticked a few of the uninportant things (or which i think are) and it seems a lot quicker. Is there anyway or running a cleanup.
PS Woodchip sorry to hear your under the cold, you need a few glasses of red wine !!! lol

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