Something wrong with my IBM harddisk!

  AntiMicrosoft 04:27 27 Mar 2003

Hey all,

I had a IBM 7200 rpm 20G harddisk. But it didn't work now. It cannot be detected by the bios!

There were some bad sectors in my harddisk. I made them as a partition and set unaccessable.

I can hear some strang sound from my harddisk now. It lasted for about 3 seconds then became silent for a second. The sound repeated again and again.

Can you tell me how to solve it?


Thanks a bunch!!!

  Djohn 04:55 27 Mar 2003

I'm not to sure on this one, but as no one else is around to help at the moment, I'll try.

If you have a start-up floppy disk, use this to arrive at the a:/ prompt, and type the word, FORMAT C:

Notice the space between the backslash, and C:

Then just follow the on-screen prompts and try to set the drive as one partition, see if this enables the BIOS to find your drive. J.

  Djohn 04:57 27 Mar 2003

(Notice the space between the backslash, and C:)

Should read, space between, Format and C: Sorry, it's been a long day. J.

  AntiMicrosoft 05:03 27 Mar 2003

The harddisk cannot be detected.

How can I 'format c:'?

  Djohn 05:14 27 Mar 2003

It does sound as though it is dead, but please wait for conformation on this, others will be along in an hour or so. J.

  babyxinxin 05:50 27 Mar 2003

r u sure that ur harddisk can not be detected by the bios of ur mainboard?if u sure then i believe the harddisk has trouble.i suggest u to find sellers for a new harddisk.
i think that u can not format c:~~~,because it is can not be detected.
maybe i am right.:)

best wishes

Jack Lee

  MAJ 07:05 27 Mar 2003

Before throwing your hard drive out, check that the IDE ribbon cable inside the case is firmly attached to both the motherboard and the hard drive, better still, replace the IDE ribbon cable with a new one just to make sure. The sounds coming from your hard drive are not a good sign in any case and it probably does need replacing. How old is the drive, AntiMicrosoft? It might still be under warranty. If it turns out that the drive is kaput and you have to buy a new drive, don't go for an IBM drive, buy a Maxtor, Western Digital or a Seagate model, they're much more reliable.

  Murf 08:24 27 Mar 2003

I have had two IBM drives die on me in the same way and although they were both replaced under warranty i dont trust them anymore as apparently they are notorious for having a high failure rate!! I hope you have been backing up your files!!!!!
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P.s. my two were 20 gig versions too!

  Aspman 09:46 27 Mar 2003

IBM produced a huge amount of duff drives not too long ago. Like Murf I've changed more than a couple of them. If you do a google search you'll get the exact model numbers which are affected. Ift it under warrant you can send it back but IBM will send you a refurbished drive of the same model probably with the same flaw.

New drive I think, but don't buy another IBM or a Fugitsu they've had problems with crap componants too.

From the number of threads concerning IBM drives, there would appear to be something wrong with all IBM drives - no wonder the "DeskStar" has the nick name "Death Star".

Get a new drive ASAP and load op sys, set the IBM to slave and try to recover any data you can.

  AntiMicrosoft 14:22 27 Mar 2003

Thank you very much!!

I think it is the time to change another disk. I think Maxtor is a good selection. My lovely mp3s were death in my hard disk :~(

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