something using 23gb of space on new laptop!

  DaveRH 16:23 04 Jan 2019

Hi, while checking daughters new laptop I noticed she only had 4gb of space left & 23gb is being used by something!! How can I find out what's taking up so much space, I do know it's something in the WINDOWS folder? It's a new laptop from HP with windows 10

  wee eddie 17:22 04 Jan 2019

My guess is Windows 10

  DaveRH 17:51 04 Jan 2019

From what I can gather Win10 is about 12gb, in the WINDOWS folder there's a file called "WinSxS" this is 10.4gb alone - do we really need this folder? Seems odd that a new laptop with roughly a 28-30gb HDD only has 4gb left to play with!

  Forum Editor 18:07 04 Jan 2019

"Seems odd that a new laptop with roughly a 28-30gb HDD only has 4gb left to play with!"

It's odd that a new laptop only has a 30Gb hard drive capacity - that is tiny by today's standards, and I'm wondering if your figure refers to a partition size on a much bigger drive. I would expect to see a 250Gb drive as an absolute minimum on a new laptop - 500Gb or even a terabyte is very common.

A new installation of Windows 10 is likely to take up around 15 Gb of disk space, but that figure can increase considerably over time.

  KEITH 1955 18:08 04 Jan 2019

take a look at some of the searches I found ,

DISCLAIMER..... I am only telling you to read these it is YOUR choice what to do next. click here

  wee eddie 18:10 04 Jan 2019

Someone will come along with a deeper knowledge base than I but, as far as I know, that's pretty much par for the course.

Important for us is the make and Model of the lappy so that we can make useful suggestions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 04 Jan 2019

Has it just updated? look for a windows.old file that may be massive?

  Forum Editor 18:21 04 Jan 2019

HP do sell a laptop with 32Gb of Emcc storage. It's called an HP Stream - is that the machine your daughter has? There are also a couple of Chromebooks which have 32Gb of Emcc storage.

Otherwise, The next laptop up in the price scale (£320) has a 1 terabyte hard drive.

  DaveRH 19:50 04 Jan 2019

Her mother bought her the laptop (we're no longer together) so not entirely sure about it's stats but it's looking like the 32gb model you stated especially if it's on the cheapish side

  DaveRH 21:17 04 Jan 2019

Thanks MJS WARLORD I followed a few examples in the link you gave & managed to free up nearly twice as much space as before, I now have 7.98gb spare as opposed to 4gb previously - cant thank you enough for your help

  wee eddie 22:32 04 Jan 2019

There'll be a little plate on the underside, with the Name and Model Number on it. knowing that would really allow people to make meaningful suggestions.

Otherwise anything we say will be generalisations

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