something running n the background

  splooshman 14:19 17 Aug 2014

Hi, I,ve been playing lotro and wolfenstein and watching videos on my pc, the problem I seem to be getting is when playing wolfenstein, after a few minutes the game jumps into windows, and I have to click on the game icon to get bck n, this happens a lot, this is the same with lotro and videos, its like something is running or accessing something in the background, taskmangager is only showing the game I,m playing, I,m using win7 64bit, any advice would be helpful, thxs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 17 Aug 2014

what antivirus do you have?

can you set it to gaming mode?

other thing is maybe something is set for auto updating (hence av gaming mode) and is checking for updates. (google toolbar updater is one example)

  splooshman 23:13 17 Aug 2014

mcafee from bt, been going thru some programs but cant seem to find anything that could be ausing this, thxs for your answers.

  [DELETED] 23:35 17 Aug 2014

You could try running Process explorer from click here which will show everything that is using resources.

  alanrwood 08:59 18 Aug 2014

Something is on a scheduled update or action. have a look in Task Scheduler and see if any of the last actioned date/time relates to the last time it happened.

  splooshman 11:28 18 Aug 2014

Hi thxs for the answers,is there anything in processes in task manager that shouldn't be running, or is there a program I can get to help with programs, I,m not the best with computers,hopefully I can get this sorted, its so frustrating, thxs again all

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