Something really weird just happened

  Daisy22 13:01 03 May 2012


I have windows 7 running google chrome as my search engine, something strange just happened.

When I clicked on my other bookmarks on the menu bar, I noticed a lot of my daughter's favourite sites came up, ones that I have never been looking at.

What is strange is that we live in different countries and my daughter hasn't used my laptop since it was bought.

Can anyone explain how this has happened?

  interzone55 13:56 03 May 2012

Google Chrome now has the facility to mirror bookmarks across different computers, so that for instance you can have the same bookmarks on work & home PCs.

If your daughter used to be signed into your laptop, and the cookie is still in place, then any bookmarks from her new laptop would have automatically copied onto yours

  Daisy22 14:27 03 May 2012

She's never even used my laptop so still confused, however a couple of months ago I did use her laptop, could that explain it?

  interzone55 14:41 03 May 2012

Yes, if you signed into google on her laptop it will copy your bookmarks to her laptop and hers to yours

  Snrub 14:47 03 May 2012

Alan14 Thanks for that info. No privacy with google then! LOL

  KRONOS the First 15:04 03 May 2012

Have you only just realised that .LOL.

  Snrub 15:09 03 May 2012

Didn't realise the extent!

  rdave13 15:52 03 May 2012

Possibly something to think about is to sign to Google Dashboard and disable web history. It doesn't actually disable it but "pauses" it and shows up as disabled.

  interzone55 17:14 04 May 2012

To be totally honest, I really don't care what Google knows, as it's just held in their servers and used in an anonymised state to target advertising.

Most adverts are stopped by adblockers and the rest I ignore.

The money Google makes from these adverts I ignore is used to pay for the best webmail service around, the best search engine, a damn fine mapping application, a pretty decent (fine for home use) online office app, and too many other services to mention.

The bookmark sharing service is perhaps not their best idea, as the bookmarks I use at home are no use at work and vice versa, but I suppose if I used a tablet PC and desktop at home it would be nice to synchronise bookmarks on the two devices.

  lotvic 00:12 05 May 2012

This thread was puzzling me until I read the explanation FAQ Chrome and GoogleBookmarks

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