Is something going wrong?

  fourjays 15:29 13 Sep 2004

It is probably nothing more than a glitch, but a slightly odd things has happened 2 or 3 times now. On boot, the monitor will not find the connection, and the little light on the monitor just blinks. After turning it off, and turning it on again (once it took 3 or 4 attempts, and when it just happened, it worked after one reboot), it will work fine. All my drivers are up to date, windows is, etc.

Is this a sign of something going wrong, gone wrong or just one of those silly computer glitches?


  User-312386 15:55 13 Sep 2004

No this does not sound like a glitch

I would check that the monitor cable is seated correctly

  xania 16:01 13 Sep 2004

SOme monitors have a fixed cable - others are detachable at both ends. Make sure that both are firmly in place.

  fourjays 16:17 13 Sep 2004

The monitor cable seems to be 100% ok. It is fixed in the back of the monitor (Samtron 76E). The monitor (I think), is just over 1 year old.

  wee eddie 16:28 13 Sep 2004

You have not mentioned this so the graphics array should be OK.

The Power Supply, seems to be the most likely option

  fourjays 16:52 13 Sep 2004

My monitor has never had any 'No Signal' warning. When there isn't a signal, the power light on it just blinks. I have just done another Win Update, and when the comp restarted the same problem happened. If I press the reset button, nothing changes, but if I turn it right off and on again, it works. It first did it about 2 months ago a few times, and hasn't done it till today.

  fourjays 16:57 13 Sep 2004

When the problem occurs, the montior light just blinks as if the graphics card is giving no signal. When it eventually works, I see no problems in Windows with the graphics card or drivers (although XP reported an error a few days ago, to do with a spontaneous reboot, as the graphics driver, which I updated). When I was on my work experience, I was told that a faulty graphics card would not display a picture at all. But Im not sure how reliable the source is as the guy (I since discovered), is 'not entirely legal', and has given me some bad advice (advice corrected by the wonderful people at PCA forums).

  User-312386 17:06 13 Sep 2004


i am wondering if the graphics drivers did not install correctly

What type of Graphics card is it?

  mosfet 17:08 13 Sep 2004

I would remove vid card & refit a few times.To make good contact & reseat.

  wee eddie 17:19 13 Sep 2004

The power source is either on or off.

I am assuming that the only light on your monitor is the power supply tell-tail.

If it blinks, I thinks this suggests an inconsistent supply. See if there is a wire loose somewhere.

  fourjays 17:37 13 Sep 2004

All the tech probs I ever get always seem to have people confused for a while. lmao.

madboy33: I have a Winfast 350 TDH XT NVIDIA FX5900(Something like that - the one that was 7th in PCA until all the newest cards came along). The driver version is I downloaded it from Nvidias website.

Les2: I have just done that. It is still doing it.

wee eddie: I think you mis-understood. It blinks intermitently, and is designed that way. Whenever I turn my PC off, and leave my monitor off, the light blinks. When the monitor is on, and has the proper signal, it is on solid. The problem is only on boots. Ill start it, but the monitor will not find a signal, and the PC doesn't beep at me (I think it beeps to say 'I got da signal').

My normal troubleshooting would bring it down to either monitor or graphics card eventually, but what throws it all, is that after a few tries it eventually works fine...... until the next reboot/boot.

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