Something about something.....

  OwenLotts 21:54 09 Oct 2004

Just a request. Can we be more speciic about what problems we are having please?

"PC crashes with an error message" WHAT error messsage?

"...settings for my ISP" WHICH ISP?

"...when installing software" WHAT software?

"...PC crashes. Is it my hardware?" Who knows? What's the spec?

Not being funny but we're not able to look over your shoulder you know.....



  VoG II 21:59 09 Oct 2004


Which version of Windows?

What did you do /install / uninstall just before this happened.

  Djohn 22:01 09 Oct 2004

As much info as you can please. It doesn't matter how insignificant it may seem to you, every little bit helps.

Has it just started to happen?

Have you altered any settings?

Have you just downloaded a file or application?

Have you just installed a new program or game?

Type and size of monitor if applicable?

  Valvegrid 22:02 09 Oct 2004

A lot of the people that post here are not always that computer literate to understand what is required of them and what information to post, so its up to us that should know better have to show a bit of patience to coax the information out of them. no problem.

  stalion 22:03 09 Oct 2004

but do not forget their is a 800 word limit to your post

  OwenLotts 22:06 09 Oct 2004

or the 20 word limit to my brain....

  Djohn 22:10 09 Oct 2004

I agree Valvegrid, like yourself I and others will spend as much time as is required to help and coax the info out and I don't mind doing it at all but the thread makes a good point as a request for people to supply as much basic info as they can.

  stalion 22:14 09 Oct 2004

I agree we need basic info like operating system and the problem but it is no good asking someone who needs help to write a book on their problem.
We will just end up with a lot of unnecessary info and give the member who needs help a further headache

  Spark6 23:36 09 Oct 2004


A newcomer to this forum, having purchased PCA and being advised to visit for answers/remedies for their PC problems, posts a reasonable request for help.

Surely, our response, if we are able, is to respond to that request and not criticise the info provided.

If only this were a perfect forum or world.

Just my opinion.

  end 23:48 09 Oct 2004

when I come across them I normally ask for the thread creator to give a lot more basic info than is usually not given so that you lot of experts can then have more of a head-start on dealing with the issues (and I as a mere novice then keep clear );

I for one would not know what info might be needed if I was new to computing and forum life:)

and, with respect, even the title of this thread is , I suggest, a little misleading, and some thread titles are way off the mark, and have even suggested to one that they close their present one and repost with a more appropriate title...but trying to do my small bit for the experts on here ( that I know I am not::))

  JonnyTub 23:54 09 Oct 2004

Can i sit on the fence for this one?, yes i agree with you in that we will alway's need the said information to aid in problem solving, but as valvegrid points out, newbies tend to post whatever they see fit or at least the problem they are having, i.e.,

Thread title: Problem with dvd writer

Post: I can't burn dvd's, what should i do?

Can you remember when you first sat in front of a pc?, I can and my example is exactly what i would have posted because i wouuldn't have known what was expected of me. We as members of this forum expect some kind of computing literacy (unfairly so, sometimes) which would enable users to describe their problems better, this isn't always the case as we know.

On the other hand.....

There are people who should know better and don't supply the info required to sort a problem, I'm sure owenlotts is reffering to these and i agree.

As for thread titles, i think we are all a little guilty of "misleading" every now and again, myself included, (especially my last thread title) sometimes it's the best way to get a fast response, and i did.

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