is someone using PC

  jade25 09:59 29 Apr 2008

I use madasafish internet supplier, been with them 2 yrs but last three months have had to pay extra as have used the internet allowance up and have not done anything extra to cause it.
I don't watch films, don't download music as my speakers don't work so anything that you listen to l do not use and am not a gamer.
There saying someone or something maybe is using the pc. I have scanned regular for virus and spyware and just get the odd cookie but not often and avg has come up with nothing.
I asked how can l find out if someone is using it but am not getting an answer. I do leave it on sleep as it takes ages to come on.
I have vista, whats the best thing to do, should l change pc password but if l leave on sleep its not used, can l pull plug out of router and would that help,

  johnnyrocker 10:02 29 Apr 2008

ask them for useage details which they must be able to provide if they are charging you for it


  jade25 10:10 29 Apr 2008

I did ask them and looked at them and till three months ago l used about 27 and now its 36 l don't understand it all but l could see that. I coul
copy and paste it if you want to see,

  johnnyrocker 10:12 29 Apr 2008

if they have such information they would also have the info as to where it is going?


  Taff™ 10:27 29 Apr 2008

Do you have an unsecured wireless router? Who else could be using the computer without your knowledge.

  jade25 10:36 29 Apr 2008

I live on my own so no other person uses it.
Madasafish came up with maybe someone else is using it without me knowing.
But today they have just said to do a full scan again.
My pc has a password but l put iton sleep instead of switching of as it takes ages to come on.
Not to sure about unsecured router as my son set it up when l started with broardband 2 yrs ago. Do you mean a password,

  jack 10:36 29 Apr 2008

without you being present cause the allowance to be used up?
If not in use - disconnect.
Then check.

  anskyber 10:46 29 Apr 2008

An unsecured router, if it is a wireless router, would mean others within the vicinity of your wireless signal could use your internet connection, without you knowing.

  retep888 10:53 29 Apr 2008

If you're running Vista,then right click the two monitors icon with a blue dot on,click connect to
a network.

You should see your network being highligted with the word connected, hover your mouse over it,you should see your security type whether it's WPA or WEP or Unsecured (only if you're using wireless connection,i.e. no cable linking between your pc and the router).

Please post back.

  jade25 11:07 29 Apr 2008

Thanks, going to check it out. Would it be better to switch of at night instead of using sleep.
Also at madasafish they said just being online will make it go up.
But before l joined them l told them l keep it on all day but they said that doesn't matter its what you do online that uses it up, now there saying just being online is a problem.

  jack 12:13 29 Apr 2008

Always power down your computer when not in use.
If you wish to preserve the desktop, or where you were before you 'shut up shop' use Hibernate.

Start/Turn off Computer/Then Standby whilst pressing the right shift key. Not the mode moves from stand by to Hibernate.
When the machine has complete its Hibernate function
Turn power of at source.
Nothing then will get to the computer.
Moreover and this is the interesting bit - when you Fire up next time the desk top will come back to exactly where you left it, even if you were in the middle of a document and had not saved it [Though of course you should have done so]

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