is someone trying to scam me?

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 18:25 12 May 2012

Hi all

This happened on Thursday... I received a phonecall from an asian man claiming to be from microsoft, tellling me that they had identified 1300 or so errors and 300 yellow flags on my computer and was at risk of shutting down completly.I asked how he had this info and he said from my IP address, he also told that repairs can be done off-line so i shouldn't worry

He said I should switch on my PC and press windows and R simultaniously.

At this point I asked him his name 'Auther, and he gave me a phone number 020xxxxx(can't remember) . I told him that I could not do anything at this moment as I was just putting my 5year old daughter to bed.

He insisted go on my PC as he said I may only have 1/2 hour before PC becomes inoperable).

I asked him if he had children (he said he had a 18month old daughter), so I asked if he would leave her alone in the bathroom whilst he went off to sort his PC?

He ws about to insist again and I told him the conversation was over, and he should ring back at a more convinient time.(giving me time to chat to you guys)

Anyway yesterday he rang twice but wife answered and told him I was not here, and today he has rang 3 times, but unhappy wife fobbed him off again.

On a couple of occasions when something on PC has crashed and it asks if you want to report it to microsoft I have pressed yes.

If he is bone-fide then it would be good to sort any errors

Any ideas what i should do when he rings back.


  john bunyan 18:37 12 May 2012

A well known scam. MS will never call you . Some people let these scammers hold on until they give up, others simply put the phone down. I bet he did not give you his phone no. I think its best just to put the phone down.

  rdave13 18:45 12 May 2012

Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@), recently I've had two similar phone calls and I can't help but laugh. I honestly can't help it. You get a phoney call from someone who purports to work for Microsoft, in a serious but barely understandable voice, then I crack up. I find it very amusing and when I laugh they very rudely hang up.

Strange conniving people methinks. Still, I have a good chuckle.

  lotvic 18:51 12 May 2012

Yes a nasty scam. Just put: microsoft scam phone call into gooogle search (or whatever internet search you use)

  PSF 19:38 12 May 2012

This is a very common scam, If you do not know much about your pc don't let them talk you into doing anything on it. Just tell them it is a mac!!

I had this call last year

  morddwyd 21:03 12 May 2012

If he calls again, ask him "What computer?"

  ams4127 23:19 12 May 2012

Tell him that you work for Microsoft as well and can he tell you his payroll number. The answers you get are quite amusing!

  hssutton 00:13 13 May 2012

My wife's had a number of these calls just recently. She keeps them talks for ages, before saying that she does not have a computer.

  Input Overload 00:35 13 May 2012

hssutton - That's a good one! Made me laugh anyway ~

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