someone taking over friend's PC

  Kate B 16:15 18 Apr 2004

a friend has a very sinister-sounding problem which I imagine is a Trojan keylogger or some similar nasty: when she starts writing an email (in a Hotmail or AOL account) her cursor freezes and then someone else starts typing gibberish ... her AV 'ware hasn't detected anything but clearly there's something deeply sinister going on. Any thoughts on what it might be? thanks ...

  VoG II 16:17 18 Apr 2004

Does she have speech recognition and microphone turned on?

  Kate B 16:40 18 Apr 2004

I'll ask her, VoG - if so,what could do that?

  VoG II 16:46 18 Apr 2004

If the mic is picking up sounds (such as keys being pressed or general household noise) speech recognition software could try to "translate".

Just a thought. Unlikely to be a keylogger - the whole point of those is to monitor keystrokes without revealing themselves.

  Kate B 16:52 18 Apr 2004

that's an interesting thought, I'll run it by her - but she said her firewall indictates that there is some kind of attack coming from Canada (sometimes) and the US (more often). I was rather baffled when she told me about it.

  Kate B 12:08 19 Apr 2004

*bump* does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  keith-236785 12:31 19 Apr 2004

click here and download the 30 day trial of Anti Trojan Shield, install and run a full scan on all hard drives.

This demo will NOT delete anything it finds, just alert you to what and where they are.

I agree with VoG, keyloggers don't want you to know they are there so its unlikely to be that unless it has gone wrong.

try using PestPatrol click here, also download and use a Firewall click here for Zone Alarm.

hopefully something here will help, but if not come back and we will try again.

Make sure her Virus-Checker is up to date.

good luck

  Kate B 12:33 19 Apr 2004

thanks paperman, I'll forward that on to her - and report back!

  terminus 12:58 19 Apr 2004

the same problem some weeks ago, and it was caused and cured by VOG's suggestions.

  Kate B 13:00 19 Apr 2004

what did it turn out to be, terminus? Was it a Trojan?

  terminus 13:06 19 Apr 2004

I had left a combo head set plugged in, it affected MS words also. Unplugged it things went back to normal.

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