Gaz W 02:00 04 Jun 2003

ZoneAlarm blocked the IP addresses (TCP Port 445) and (TCP Port 3438). When I clicked More Info it said that it was most likely a port scan to see whether I am running Windows 2000, which I am! Since I did tracert on one of these IP addresses, I'm not sure I'm completely 100% safe. Is there a way to stop these people trying to hack into my computer, as my firewall has been blocking these IP addresses all day!

I have tried to contact one of the ISPs involved, but can't find an email address. Also, I don't want to get a virus from them in their reply email, although it's obviously one of their users.

What action can I take to make sure my computer is safe?

  Eagie 02:48 04 Jun 2003

"my firewall has been blocking these IP addresses all day" - sounds like you are ok, be worried when your firewall isn't blocking these attacks.

To test your system's vulnerability you could go to click here and scan for security risks.

  Brian-336451 03:16 04 Jun 2003

VG = Very good.

As your firewall is working well, they'll get fed up and do a different batch.

I am operating Norton Internet Security and have turned the Alert level to Low as, since it does its job, I just leave it to do it on its own.

Works well, so does yours by all accounts. If I were you (and I'm NOT), I'd just relax.

Sod 'em, they can't get in. :)

  hoverman 05:32 04 Jun 2003

Norton Internet Security has been blocking several for me also. When I ask for details a some of them are tracked to St. Louis in the States. As long as your firewall is working as it should there is nothing to worry about.

  The Spires 07:06 04 Jun 2003

I use Zone & turned Event Logging & Alerts off years ago, most of the stuff is just internet traffic, & if it's not there is nothing you can do anyway.

  wawadave 07:12 04 Jun 2003

might d/l sam spade

  Gaz W 17:03 04 Jun 2003

I tried the Symantec Security Check and it says that everything is safe, except Antivirus Product Scan (At Risk). This is probably because it doesn't detect AVG. It is the latest version - I updated it yesterday. Also, Browser Privacy scan is At Risk. Is there a way I can resolved that?

  Gaz W 17:10 04 Jun 2003

I just moved my Internet Zone Security settings up to the top (High) in ZoneAlarm. I was planning on using Remote Desktop some time in the future, but I would imagine that having it on this setting would mean I couldn't access my computer.

  hugh-265156 17:12 04 Jun 2003

check click here

if this says your stealth turn of the alerts and relax.

  Gaz W 19:15 04 Jun 2003

Had to move it back down again because it interfered with my LAN!

  spuds 19:22 04 Jun 2003

Port scanning is happening all the time. If you have a good firewall like ZoneAlarm,and it is doing its job, then you should have no worries. If you have something like Zonelog as an addition, then you will see the amount of scanning traffic that your computer as on a daily basis.

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