benmurrells 16:50 23 Aug 2004

im looking for a way out for my pc. Basically, a little while ago, i got the sasser virus, managed to part get rid of it(still had the annoying programme which uses or your memory), just shut it down everytime i logged on thats all. Then I got completely taken over by spyware and adware, and no fix would get rid of it, which then wouldnt let me view any sites i wanted to view in IE. To get rid of the problem, i did a system restore which has now completely screwed my pc. Nothing works anymore, so i thought ok, i'll do like a factory restore, but now the 'create a master cd programme' doesnt work. What the hell do i do? Ive got the boot disk, but then it asks for master cd's, ive downloaded the programme from packard bell today onto a floppy. Is this likely to work though?

  rawprawn 17:09 23 Aug 2004

Can you give a few more details,What OS, Do you have a full installation disc.

  [DELETED] 17:51 23 Aug 2004

All Packard Bell PC's are shipped with a hidden 2gb partition, which contains the sytem restore information. If you have deleted this partition, without creating the Master CD's your options are to either purchase the master cd's from PB (around £30.00) or to buy your own copy of the OS, which you can of course install yourself.

  palinka 17:52 23 Aug 2004

benmurrells, I can't help but please note for future occasions when you post to this forum - you'll get a better response if the title matches the subject. In the case of this posting somethign like "problem with factory restore" would give at least SOME idea of that your posting is about, whereas "Please please help" tells us nothing. Hope you get it sorted.

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