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  baz\ 18:50 12 May 2004

I want to get a person to build a website for my restaurant. I would appreciate if you could get me some sites and names of people to build my site. Regards


  Taran 19:37 12 May 2004

The UK Web Design Association (UKWDA) or your local Yellow Pages will give you plenty of designers in your area to choose from.

You can search the UKWDA by region and there are a lot of memmbers to sift through, so it's a reasonable starting block: click here

If you have a local Business Link then they will also be able to point you to web designers near you.

You could also try asking any other people you know who are in business who they use to design their sites.

Some of us in this forum are commercial designers but I doubt you'll find any of us who will say "Go to this person" or "Use that designer".

If I recommend someone and something goes wrong, that's a situation I'd rather not be caught in the middle of.

A quick look through the UKWDA, or Yellow Pages, or a call to your local Business Link will get you up and running in short order.

Good luck with it.



  Forum Editor 19:51 12 May 2004

wondering quite how to begin to find a good, reliable site designer?

Taran's suggestion that you take a look at UKWDA is a good one, as is the idea of asking other people who may already have a site.

We don't want our forum to become a place that's used for any commercial purpose by its members, and although several of us design sites it would be unfair for us to use the forum to further our business activities.

Feel free to ask us anything at all otherwise, and we can certainly provide you with pointers as to what you should look for in a designer. I'm a little rushed right now, so let's see if Taran can step into the breach with some guidelines.

  Taran 20:52 12 May 2004

There's an old thread you could look at here: click here

It details a few of the questions and issues you might want to consider when approaching a designer.

If you have a budget in mind then make that clear from the outset. Many designers offer a startup service that gives you a small, simple site for a lot less than a "from the ground up" design project. Having said that, any budget solution will not cover all of the bases and may not be as valuable to your business as a well considered and implemented solution.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and if you feel that someone is pushing a solution for X pounds without sufficiently discussing your requirements and expectations, pull in the reins and make sure you understand the justification for the solution being pushed.

I'll leave it at that for now. Without knowing what it is you want, how you would like the site to work for you, whether you have specific branding (logos and so on) or whether you need that design work done as well, it's impossible to be anything other than general with these rough guidelines.

Feel free to ask specific questions though, and we will try to put you on the right track if we can.

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