somebody please help mee

  ReyesKing 15:51 21 Jul 2004

Hi i have a very frustrating problem. I have a broadband NTL connection with a ntl:home cable modem
the lights accross the box go as follows:
USB,ENTET(ETHERNET CONNECTION),U/S (Upstream data being sent from my PC), D/S data being retrieved, SYNC when the cable modem is synchronised with the ntl servers
and the most important light the RDY (ready light):this stays lit when the modem establishes a connection and the Internet is ready for use.
My problem is that the the D/S and RDY flash sometimes at the same time, not allowin me to connect to the internet and displaying the Web Browser Error page when you have no connection.
Could anyone tell me how to stop this annoying problem or cure the problem, i would be so grateful, thankyou very much

  TomJerry 16:01 21 Jul 2004

You need to contact NTL to sort this out. Either equipment fault or server fault.

By the way, make the subject title more specific next time, e.g. "NTL connection problem" is better than "somebody please help mee"

  ReyesKing 16:04 21 Jul 2004

sorry tom jerry its really really annoying though

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 21 Jul 2004

Are you connect with USB cable? ethernet cable much better on NTL modemsif you have a Lan port.

  basell 16:12 21 Jul 2004

I had the same problem I just disconnected the power supply for 2mins and then reconnected it solved the problem for me. It may work for you?

  ReyesKing 16:18 21 Jul 2004

yes i am now connected through ETHERNET and yes i have tried to switch it off for 2 mins and let it refresh, this has only worked on isolated occasions though.

  ReyesKing 16:19 21 Jul 2004

i don't know what the problem could be, however thankyou all for your help

  TomJerry 16:30 21 Jul 2004

If you suffer lost of connection (frequenctly even short time), you need to tel NTL problems and demand them to fix it for you. Otherwise, take your business elsewhere.

  ReyesKing 16:34 21 Jul 2004

i appreciate your advice thanks.

  canard 22:49 21 Jul 2004

If you're on an NTL pfone line consult your paperwork because there is a number to call for free- reduces the blood pressure when waiting!

  kakellie 23:18 21 Jul 2004

i had alot of problems connections to the internet on ntl tried everything finally had to phone ntl to send a engineer out the phone number is here national rate 4p miniute click here

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