Somebody is having a laugh........

  [DELETED] 15:39 26 Oct 2003


Somehow, buried deep within a zipped archive that I put on to my computer, (which is no longer there), there would appear to have been a 'virus'.

Now, it technically should be called a 'bug' because as far as viruses go, it's not exactly brutal. More annoying in a sadistically humourous way.

Someone, somewhere, has written a code that opens my disc drive on shut down, just before the computer completely powers out. Therefore leaving the user powerless to reinsert the tray because of the lack of power! Oh, how I laughed.... :o(

I have found that if I reboot to shut down the bug remains inoperative, which is a bonus at least; though my current NAV doesn't pick it up. We don't have the internet for atleast another week in the university 'halls of residence' so maybe it is a well known program that I just don't have v-defs. for.

Is this a 'bug' anybody else has experienced and if so, where is the sneaky little bugger so that I can squash it?!


  [DELETED] 15:47 26 Oct 2003

click here

Could this be the offending file?


  [DELETED] 15:52 26 Oct 2003

You could do an online scan at housecall which may pick up what nav didn't click here but disable nav 1st.

  [DELETED] 15:52 26 Oct 2003

My v.def's were last updated at the end of September. (Moved to uni.)

It would appear that the v.def for this git was released during my period of 0% internet. Guess I'll just have to force a smile everytime the 'barsteward' opens my drive.....




  [DELETED] 15:52 26 Oct 2003

There is also the "Coffee cup" one. This will open your CD trays, but only when you click on the link and should not effect the normal close down of your PC. This one usualy comes on the forum around Christmas time and is good fun. But like I say it only works on clicking the link. j.

  [DELETED] 15:52 26 Oct 2003

...when you get back online.

  [DELETED] 15:54 26 Oct 2003

Er, I don't have the internet in halls yet 'MichelleC', so that idea won't work, sadly.....


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