Somebody else is using my broadband connection

  User-5A7ACC6A-9DFB-48F7-BB1E70D8B831A4D6 23:49 28 Oct 2004

I've been with Tiscali broadband for over a year.
Only recently have I gone into the "my account" area and looked at my useage log. Somebody seems to be often using my connection very early morning. say 0500 for a couple of hours. I don't have a wireless connx, and nobody else in the house is even remotely computor literate. Any ideas how this could be happening? Tiscali seem not remotely interested, which is surprising, as they are the ones losing revenue by providing free access. the only people I can get on the phone are billing, who say its not our dept, e-mail [email protected] etc. who don't do anything, just send automated 3 page replies saying click this link click that link, nothing remotely relevant, mostly about abusive e-mails or spam. Somebody suggested, I might have a malicious program on my Hard disk allowing someone to use my connx. But 1) my computor is switched off 2) Tiscali connx not always on, auto discon after 20mins, 3)I use MS M.E. Norton 2004 internet security regularly updated and am cautious with e-mails and surfing.
Any suggestions/info?

  JonnyTub 23:54 28 Oct 2004

do you have a wirless connection?

  WaTcHiNg 00:18 29 Oct 2004

It is possible that someone else has configured their broadband router to use your IP address. If 2 of you tried to use the same address then you'd get a message telling you that the IP address is already in use on the network. Have you ever seen this?

  spuds 11:01 29 Oct 2004

You could be running around in circles trying to find the true answer to this.Have Tiscali mentioned the possibilty of service work at their end.

I had a similar 'suspect'usage on my BT phone bill on a few occassions over the past two years.BT have undertaken investigations, but have drawn a blank, with the end results that they were on my bill so I must pay for them.

  tmr 18:03 29 Oct 2004

I had a similar scare but then realised that Tiscali billing doesn't use a 24 hour clock. What I thought was 06:00 was really 18:00.
Not sure if this is still the same now

  Dorsai 18:22 29 Oct 2004

Try unplugging modem from the filter at night till you get the next bill.

This will at least let you know if it is your PC.

And if you find the PC plugged back in in the morning, perhaps you are 'sleep brousing' so to say.

Also, perhaps change your password? Try to make it hard to guess 'mypassword' would work, but not be hard to guess, while '1234!ThisIsAVeryLongOne!HaveFunGuessingIt!' might be harder to guess (don't know what the max length is, but see what i mean)

I dont even know if this happens to me, i am not on a capped acount, so it would cost me nothing.

  Sir Radfordin 19:05 29 Oct 2004

Most ADSL accounts can only be used from the phone line they are registerd to - even if you have another Tiscali account details it wouldn't work on your phone line. It is therfore unlikely that there is anyone else using your account. As suggested try turning the PC off and removing the modem cable. If you still get access during the night being recorded go back to Tiscali and if they fail to help then start thinking about contacting OFCOM.

As tmr says it could be something simply like the log files only using a 12 hour clock so 05:00 is actually 17:00.

have never rcvd mess saying that IP address is already in use, but just occ been una to connect, maybe thats just normal
As I said its not costing me anything so I suppose I shouldnt worry, Im just surprised Tiscali are so disinterested. Anyway its over the year now, so I can give them notice of termination of contract and look for new ISP.

Thanks again people

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