Somebody click on the envelope next to my name

  powerless 18:22 16 Nov 2003

as i am testing a new rule and would like to see it works. Just send a message and i'll see if my rule works.

This rule is PCA specific.

...and of course a of bit attention seeking at the sametime ;-))

  powerless 18:33 16 Nov 2003

Woohoo it worked!


Total emails recieved...


Drum Roll...


  powerless 18:34 16 Nov 2003


errr...well if you did then, i didnt get it. But i did get something of you.

  wee eddie 18:47 16 Nov 2003

I have to work really hard to get e-mails here as well, but this is a really good idea.

A present: click here

  wee eddie 18:25 17 Nov 2003

What was the rule/experiment?

  powerless 18:59 17 Nov 2003

A new folder in Ootlook 2003 named "PC Advisor". All email from the forum goes into the folder.

The rule was any email that is to do with PCA stick it in the PCA folder.

...and it worked.

Just becoming organised.

  Forum Editor 19:09 17 Nov 2003

Powerless. What a wonderful bunch of people we have here, and funny too - spikeychris' post was priceless.

  powerless 19:11 17 Nov 2003

I needed help.

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