Some Word Docs fail to open as e mail Attachment?

  TonyV 21:25 29 Jun 2005

I've just had an e mail "help" request from my lad. He is having difficulty opening some Word documents that have been sent to him as an attachment to the message.

The Error message comes up that:-"The Document
name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions:- *Check the File permissions for Document or drive.
*Use the File Open dialogue box to locate the document (C:\..\5STUVO3\CoachmapB(1).doc)". This error message comes up in its own window with the OK button. The problem does not happen on all documents but some!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  TonyV 23:14 29 Jun 2005

Again, thanks for your efforts! Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it!


  Danoh 23:16 29 Jun 2005

The error msg "The Document name or path is not valid" reminds me of a problem my uncle had. He had been sent a shortcut to the document on the sender's PC and not the document itself.

  TonyV 23:19 29 Jun 2005

It is not a shortcut. The file is 930kb! A shortcut would be much less than that. In fact my lad has now downloaded the file from a website and it opens fine. Which really does suggest that the problem is coming from the sender.


  TonyV 00:10 30 Jun 2005

It was as I thought, a map extraction inserted into a blank Word Document.


  TonyV 19:59 01 Jul 2005

We have not managed to resolve this problem and wondered if any one has any further ideas. It seems strange that as David Wilson above suggests, it could be to do with the way the parent message is sent. I cannot understand this theory since the attachment is surely a stand alone file and should not be affected by what is happening to the parent message.

Any thoughts ?


  palinka 19:01 02 Jul 2005

Just a thought - Are you sure the attachment was actually written in Word? I find that Works attachments look the same but are impossible to open in Word.

  TonyV 19:10 02 Jul 2005

The actual document was subsequently downloaded from the Website as a virgin copy and opened fine in MSWord. It was a simple Word document with a copy of a map inserted presumably as a picture. There was no text in the document except that that was part of the map. So as a document it was fine, but attach it to an e mail via OE6 and it will refuse to open. As I said earlier, I can't understand it because surely the attachment can't be affected by what is happening in OE6 since it is essentially a freestanding unit!


  TonyV 20:05 05 Jul 2005

There has been no further information coming through, so I can only assume the problem is an "odd ball" with no real answer!! I'll close it out now. Thanks for the comments everyone.


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