Some Word Docs fail to open as e mail Attachment?

  TonyV 21:25 29 Jun 2005

I've just had an e mail "help" request from my lad. He is having difficulty opening some Word documents that have been sent to him as an attachment to the message.

The Error message comes up that:-"The Document
name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions:- *Check the File permissions for Document or drive.
*Use the File Open dialogue box to locate the document (C:\..\5STUVO3\CoachmapB(1).doc)". This error message comes up in its own window with the OK button. The problem does not happen on all documents but some!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  octal 21:30 29 Jun 2005

Has he tried right clicking the attachment and saving to the hard drive and opening it from there?

  TonyV 21:34 29 Jun 2005

Apparently yes! His comment was "It doesn't help to save the file then open it."

  octal 21:43 29 Jun 2005

I think it might be the version of Word he is using, if he is using Word 2000 and someone sends him a document in Word 2002 some of the features might be supported in his version, I seem to remember seeing this problem before. If I can find the info I'll post back.

  TonyV 21:48 29 Jun 2005

Yes, I thought this might be an answer. I've asked him to forward me a copy of the message with all the attachments to see if I can open them in my copy of Office 2000. I suspect he is using a more up-to-date version than mine and there may well be some form of mis-match creeping in!



  TonyV 22:14 29 Jun 2005

I've now got a copy of the document in question, and I have tried to open it via OE6 and by saving it as a Word document on the hard drive. Still it will not open and the same error message comes up as above! His copy of Word is Word 2002. Mine is 2000. So neither of them will pick it up!


  octal 22:20 29 Jun 2005

Does he know the person who is sending the attachments? If he does it might be worth interrogating the sender exactly what is in the attachment and what version of Word they are using. The other question is, are the problem attachments coming from the same sender.

  TonyV 22:33 29 Jun 2005

I'll get him to get in touch with the sender. I'll keep you posted. I suspect that the document contains a copy of a map that has been copied in to a Word document. But I can't physically see it at the moment. And I cannot save it as anything other than as the Word Document.


  octal 22:41 29 Jun 2005

I would be interested to know the outcome, if I come across were I've heard of this, I'll post the link, I've been searching with no luck at the moment.

  david Wilson 22:57 29 Jun 2005

I've had this - and it also happens with some other attachments. The problem isn't Word, it was (in my case) Outlook 2000, which throws some kind of fit with some attachments if the main body of the message is formatted as "rich text" instead of plain text. No idea why, but I switched to uising plain text only and the problem went away. (Problem is at the "send" end, not the recipient.)


  TonyV 23:12 29 Jun 2005

Thanks for your comments, Interesting that the problem can be in other applications as well. We'll keep trying to get to the bottom of it!


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