Some websites "This website cannot be accessed"

  compumac 10:24 28 Jun 2014

Switched on desktop this morning and whereas I can access this website I cannot access many of the others that are normally available. "This page cannot be displayed". I then tried my laptop and get the same experience. I can access some websites but not others. Checking broadband speed shows normal speed. Same scenario with Mobile phone using broadband connection Using BT Broadband.

  compumac 10:58 28 Jun 2014

Mr Mistoffelees I called them and whereas they indicated a problem with broadband and on accessing their 0800 169 0199 for further information, the automated voice told me the areas with the problem and I am nowhere near.

I just have to accept the fact that they have not established all of the areas concerned with the fault.

  tullie 11:46 28 Jun 2014

I have had the same problem with my bt connection.It now appears to be ok.

  Zurdo 11:49 28 Jun 2014

Yeah, looks like BT fixed the problem. It's racing along now. Had me worried for a while, Ipad said not connected to Internet and laptop very hit and miss.

  compumac 12:18 28 Jun 2014

Mine now all OK.

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