some websites not loading up at all-in any browser

  theDarkness 15:00 14 Apr 2010

its the same sites, etc. i click on my bookmark of it (or type the address into the browser)- after hitting enter, the browser message at the bottom of the screen shows "waiting for" as an example. if i click on a website link from google, of a site that wont load up, i see the "waiting" text message at the bottom on firefox, yet the screen itself remains on google! It remains on "loading" indefinately on the tab at the top- any ideas on what could be stopping it? all browsers are the same, but as far as I know, I do not have any website stopping software installed.. perhaps unlikely, but it could be related to the problem I had earlier with avira wanting to delete "hidden objects" on my computer! any ideas? thanks

  birdface 15:26 14 Apr 2010

If they were false positives and you have removed them then that is probably what the problem is.
If you quarantined them go back and restore them.
Or maybe a system restore to a date before you had any problems.

  birdface 15:27 14 Apr 2010

Your other problem post.
click here

  theDarkness 19:57 14 Apr 2010

Ive done absolutely nothing with the system, and the browser is working again. Odd! I havent even restarted the system. I forgot to say that although both vista and xp tell me in the latest version of avira that it has detected many hidden files, strangely only the xp system gives this message:-

"one or more hidden objects that indicate a 'hidden virus or unwanted program' were found. An analysis of your computer with the AVIRA rescue CD is necessary for exact identification and repair. Do you want to cancel the scan?".

I think ill go back to an earlier avira for now. I understand that potentially damaging real hidden viruses or malware can be a problem, but I doubt thats whats happening since the system has not been in use recently. In vista, even though it listed the hidden files, I did not get the worrying message above with the option to get rid of them-so I left them alone. Both systems aside from the hidden files, did not report anything else. The above message is still popping up with my supposedly untrustworthy single hidden file in xp that wont delete.

  theDarkness 21:28 14 Apr 2010

update:- websites load up when I connect to the net on the same pc... using the wireless connection. if I connect using the landline, they dont load up at all. thats why they were working one minute, and not the next.

ive no idea as to why they wont load up using the landline connection???

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