Some websites load blank while navigating the internet

  jspeers 19:28 17 Sep 2014

I am running Windows 7 and use many of the latest browsers including: Chrome 37, IE11, etc. While navigating the internet i am have issues where some websites load a blank page (black) and sometimes i am getting certain pictures on websites that causes my screen to flicker but when i move off of the picture, the flickering stops. an example of a site that goes blank is: the only way i can navigate away from the blank page is to alt+tab away or open task mgr and close the browser. i have utilized some of the tips found on the internet such as uncheck hw acceleration in chrome and unable extensions but these were unsuccessful. it also occurs on youtube periodically. i updated my version of java and have the latest drivers for my video card. i'm hoping that the helproom has some ideas.

  Woolwell 16:25 18 Sep 2014

I've not come across this problem before. Some suggestions:

Check video driver is up to date

Anti-virus scanning page causing snags?

Try running IE without add-ons and see if problem still occurs.

If recent problem try system restore to before problem began.

  rdave13 21:07 18 Sep 2014

If it happens in all browsers I would tend to think a GPU problem, or a beginning of one. You could run MSI Afterburner just to monitor your Video card and set the temp reading on your notification area. This is assuming your internet speed is a good constant and not fluctuating.

  jspeers 15:50 19 Sep 2014

Thanks for the reply. i have the latest driver and i have removed the IE add-ons. i don't believe my anti-virus is causing issues. i've had good luck with restoring to a previous version so, i think i'll give that a try. thanks again.

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