Some web pages not loading

  Bogbrain 22:02 05 Feb 2008

Looked at a colleagues pc to see why it wasn't loading web pages via Internet Explorer 6. I did all the usual scans on it - checked the firewall settings ( free zone alarm) checked settings via Internet options all seemed ok and he claims he 'hasn't messed with anything' Seems his anti virus has stopped updating too - its the free one from www. (I think) I went to get a windows update thinking it might be outdated and it wouldn't even access the windows update site so I can't tell how up to date his version of windows is - it's on Win 2000 Pro by the way. Some websites seems to open from his favourites list and others won't, I've not seen anything like it before and I told him it's left me baffled so offered to explain his dilemma on here. It seems as if internet explorer is corrupted in some way as everything works ok when in offline mode. There's no error or critical warnings that pop up anywhere either that I saw when online. Would re-installing his Win 2000 cd unglitch any problems there might be with internet explorer? Any further info required for a solution please let me know and I'll so a system report thingy on his pc and post it up in this forum.

  [email protected] 22:25 05 Feb 2008

check the mtu settings for the isp are set correctly

  birdface 10:43 06 Feb 2008

I always thought that to repair IE6 you went to add remove.Remove IE6 and it would give you the option of doing a repair.But this from microsoft. click here Re check Zone Alarm.Or like Raven says MTU settings are causing a lot of folk the same problem that you have.I have no Idea how it works but if you post what ISP your friend is using I am sure someone will help you to reconfigure it.If anything in his favorite box that he did not put there.I would go into safe mode and run all his Security programs to see if they find anything.

  birdface 10:54 06 Feb 2008

For Microsoft updates your friend could try here It has helped a lot of folk on here and well worth a try.

  Bogbrain 11:39 07 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replys - have read and absorbed the feedback. Someone else I spoke to about all this has given me what appear to be the necessary MTU corrections. These have not been obtained from the ISP as suggestedby Raven but might be worth trying anyway. Seems MTU settings need to bere-adjusted from within the registry so will get friend to back up the registry so as to save any potential problems should tinkering about in there create yet another problem. I can post up these new MTU settings if it will help someone in here to confirm if these settings appear to be correct as all that sort of stuff is a bit beyond me.
Apparently, this problem pc has also had a diagnostic test run on it by my friend which he failed to tell me about when I first posted his problem in here. His system tray broadband icon is now reading 7.1 Mbps whereas before it was reading 2.1 Mbps is this where the problem lays as he reckons the 7.1 reading has only appeared since he did these diagnostic tests.
Once again any further help would be appreciated.

  birdface 16:06 07 Feb 2008

Setting should be 100.0 Mbps,Try this speed test to make sure he is getting the proper download speed from his here

  birdface 16:12 07 Feb 2008

You could tell your friend to download and run FireFox and if that runs ok the problem will be with I/E probably.I know nothing of MTU settings but if you post them on here someone else will probably get back to you and let you know if they are ok or not.

  Bogbrain 21:09 07 Feb 2008

This is what I was given but I've tried this on the problem pc and cant actually seem to find EXACTLY where these settings are.I get as far as the very last part of the key then cant find the actual alteration thats needed in there. If I could I think I could alter these settings to the correct parameters assuming that they are incorrect.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Current Control Set\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Enable PTUDiscovery
PMTU Discovery 0 or 1 (default =1)
Data DWORD A'1' enables discovery while 0 disables it.
There's more but does what I've typed so far make any sense to anyone?
If more info is needed on this will post in a follow up post.

  [email protected] 21:21 07 Feb 2008

try this tool
click here

  Bogbrain 14:27 08 Feb 2008

Thanks Raven but any links posted in here to test anything won't work on the said problem pc as they wont load ( which is part of the ongoing problem) I can't run these tests for him as they obviously only apply to their pc and not mine.
It seems like it needs to be a manual alteration within his registry if indeed thats where the problem lays.
Don't forget, I'm merely the 'go between' doing this on behalf of a 3rd party that can't be present - although he really does appreciate your help.
I've still noticed on his broadband icon in his task bar ( system tray) that it's reading as 7.1 Mbps and not 2.1 Mbps. Is it the MTU settings that will maybe rectify this anomaly?

  birdface 09:09 09 Feb 2008

Hi Raven.Thanks for that click here.I downloaded it and it has certainly has speeded up opening new pages.Many Thanks.

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