Some web page images appear as solid red blocks

  sturburt 18:16 25 Feb 2006

On some web pages images and links appear as solid red boxes.For example this PC Advisor page has three red boxes; when I right click on the red area, "properties" showa the the alternate text as "click here"
I get the same irresspective of the browser I use.
I have tried, Tools>internet options>advanced and everything is enabled. I have looked at this int eh browsers and control panel.

  ceebee450 18:55 13 Mar 2006

Try and disable any ad blockers that you have running.

  woodchip 18:58 13 Mar 2006

If this is recent try System Restore

  ceebee450 19:06 13 Mar 2006

I would bet on it being an ad blocker! Took me ages to figure it oput when it happened to me recently. I then realised that NTL Netguard was the culprit!

  sturburt 21:01 13 Mar 2006

The Blueyonder (Telewest) ad blocker was the culprit.It was deciding that some Banners and links were ads. Now I've disabled it everything is fine.

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