Is this some sort of Trojan?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:47 16 Aug 2004

i use a prog called end it all that shuts down unwanted, running app's

in end it all it shows 4 process's running called
and describes them as, Generic host process for win 32 services

i also looked in task manager which describes 2 as system,
1 as local service, and the other as network service,
their memory usage is from 2000k-20000k this seems like quite a lot considering iv turned everything off xcept what i need to send this query?

another reason for thinking i have some kind of trojan etc, is puter is being a bit slow an tempramental, even though ive defragged with O&O run dustbuster xp, regscrub xp, ultra wincleaner, a2, cool web, adaware, spybot, spysweeper, trojan remover, fix blast, and avg.

what do you think, should i be worried

  pc moron 01:11 16 Aug 2004

No need to worry.

More info click here and scroll down.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:18 16 Aug 2004

it says i have a virus, but doesnt say how to get rid.
any suggestions, obviously none of the above worked

this is what the clik said

You have the Backdoor.Sdbot.N virus, or one of the Gaobot viruses, or one of the many other viruses which drop SCVHOST.EXE

  powerless 01:25 16 Aug 2004

is legit click here There can a few running at the sametime and it's normal.

OTH SCVHOST.exe is associated with a virus.

It's spelt ever so differently.

  pc moron 01:29 16 Aug 2004

Scroll down a bit further and read the rest.

Pay particular attention to the middle column- the file name must be EXACTLY as shown in the list.

You've typed svchost.exe above, which is the generic host process for Win32 Services.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 02:02 16 Aug 2004

thanx people, your suupeerb

panic over

  Dan the Confused 02:03 16 Aug 2004

If your computer is running slowly it could be because you have a lot of unnecessary programs running in the background. An easy way to identify and disable programs started at bootup is to use click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:46 16 Aug 2004

I have tune up util 2004 which i used to turn of evrything not essential, but that didnt seem to make any difference. also puter loads quite quickly.? Hhmm

  Dan the Confused 21:51 16 Aug 2004

Use TuneUp Utils to check your CPU and memory usage.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 12:51 19 Aug 2004

cpu window shows, it bounces from, 4-15 occasinally upto 23

physical memory usage window shows 240mb used
total 490,992kb
system 26,296kb 5%
cache 58,156kb 12%
other 183,360 to456kb [goes up & down]38%
Available 223,248kb+ [goes up & down]

paging max size 1,149,332kb
used 264,092kb 23%
available 885,212kb 77%
paging file window shows about 1/3gb used

what do you think?

  Dan the Confused 20:28 19 Aug 2004

Looks ok, click on the 1-Click Maintenance icon on your desktop and let it do it's thing. It would probably be worth going through all TuneUp Utils options to tidy your system up. Also, check that your hard drive is not full up as this can cause a drop in system performance.

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