Some sites I made not showing up?

  Adam Herbst 23:10 20 Nov 2016

Hello everyone! I got some help here before and am having another slight (software type) problem now. I make people websites occasionally and for some reason when I am done with them I get some weird problems that seem to only affect me. It's like on my desktop (where I made them) parts of the sites don't load and sometimes they just go to a blank webpage or a godaddy parking page. In some instances the sites load but the logo or pictures are missing. This stuff doesn't seem to affect any end users, just myself. I have tried clearing my browser history/cache and running ccleaner to get rid of everything, but it still happens. What is going on here? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  Secret-Squirrel 09:36 21 Nov 2016

The first thing to try is a simple browser hard-refresh by holding down the CTRL key and pressing F5.

If your newly edited website still doesn't look as it should then does the same problem occur when viewed in a different web browser?

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