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  anna789 14:59 16 Aug 2018

I had reset my PC and router modem. I suspected it was infected.

Soon later a window appeared asking me to update Windows and I clicked on another time. It was different than usual and it usually doesn't ask me to update(I guess) so I went to settings and found this: click here read this could be a virus. I didn't enable anything*and had just reset it) and I own my own home PC and network.

I had left the WIFI on an android I suspected was infected on, I wasn't able to connect before to WIFI on the mentioned android before as I had forgotten the PW and had left it on, but when the router resets I think the original WIFI connection doesn't require a PW to connect, and my PC was connected the same time as the android. Via cable I think, but when router goes to default, the wireless isolation is not on. So it could have infected my PC..

Here's a pic: (I could not find Diagnostics and Usage Data under Feedback and Diagnostics to check if it was on enhanced or not)

click here for opening gpedit.msc:

click here seem to find it..

So, I don't know how this could have happened as I did not change anything. I would really like to find out what caused it and would so appreciate your help.. Possibly sooner.. Thanks!!!




As Can;t

  [DELETED] 18:08 16 Aug 2018

As you've deferred Windows Update you'll get that message. As for the Group Policy Editor it's disabled in Windows 10 home version.

  Taff™ 18:18 16 Aug 2018

This is a Windows 10 glitch! Seen dozens of times. Do the next two updates, rebooting after each one as directed. It will disappear just as quick as it came.

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