Some regular forum helpers are complaining

  Forum Editor 00:40 07 Jul 2004

that they're being inundated with email that comes via the email links alongside everybody's forum name.

We provide these links so that you can contact anorther forum user if invited to do so, or if you want to pass on information in a confidential manner. Unsolicited mail can be a nuisance, and messages that relate to forum threads should be posted in the thread - otherwise other forum users are deprived of the chance to see the advice offered.


  hugh-265156 01:32 07 Jul 2004

i don't mind if anybody wishes to mail me directly and am glad to help out if i can, please feel free to do so if you wish but as the FE says above, the forum is the place to post your responses and that way everybody else can see it and offer their advice, hopefully finding the solution to your problem a lot faster. i usually post any email here anyway.

everything i know about computers i picked up from the more knowledable members here so keep posting in the forum. i just google for it and blag it anyway :-)

  hugh-265156 02:14 07 Jul 2004

indeed lol. :-)

  Audeal 16:46 07 Jul 2004

In the Three? years I have been coming here I have been inundated with e-mail. But I must admit I did do my best to answer both of them.

  powerless 20:53 07 Jul 2004
  Forum Editor 01:07 08 Jul 2004

without saying anything"

Well I did so because there wasn't really any need for me to say anything was there? Action speaks louder than words, and if you click on the envelope next to anyone's name you'll see there's now a message warning you about misuse of the email facility.

This came about as a direct result of the thread posted by Chegs ® in our Speakers Corner forum.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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