Some Question On Win 98

  gcs_uk 16:38 25 Oct 2003

My mother inlaws PC is a mess - its slow, crammed with stuff that they have downloaded and constant error messages appearing, missing .dll files etc.

Decided that best way is to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Is it possible to reinstall windows 98 over the existing win 98 installation.

If that is possible it will fix any error messages about missing .dll files but all the crap will still be on it.

I suppose the best course of action is to make a start up disk and just wipe everything and start again.

Any comments would be appreciated.

  spikeychris 16:46 25 Oct 2003

Yeah you can bang 98 over the top, you can also run SFC system file checker from run if you wish.

If you want to format, Start your computer with your boot disk in the drive, and at the A:/ prompt Type: "Format: C:\" Say Yes when a message comes up telling you "all your info will be lost!" After formatting, your new partition will be ready for your installation of Win98.

  recap 16:50 25 Oct 2003

If you are formatting the HD then you are wiping everything off the computer. It's generally know as fDisking the machine. click here for information on how to fDsik and partition a HD>

  phenyl5 16:55 25 Oct 2003

Boot to DOS type 'CD WINDOWS' [NO'or '] Type 'del' This dels windows executable file & win98 thinks you do not have an op system Type D [your CD-ROM Drive] and run setup. Win98 intalls. Use the WIN CD 98SE because of the CAB files.
Does work and no need to backup in theory. But as you know you should always backup!

  keith-236785 17:01 25 Oct 2003

before you wipe the computer, PLEASE make a note of the hardware in the system ie. graphic card, sound card, modem, internet logo and passwords, telephone number for isp and any other info you might need.

once you format then its all gone and you will need to know which graphic card (and everything else) you have so you can re-install the drivers.

  R4 17:02 25 Oct 2003

If you just re load Win98 on top of the old one you will not get rid of any your crap.

If you want to get rid of the crap best to Fdisk/reformat and load a clean version of Win98, then you will have to MS Udate site and get all the critical download fixes.

WARNING NOTE: if you clean your HD you will also have to reload all of your drivers for the motherboard, Video, sound, mmodem, printer and any other hardware you may have. then reload any software you require. ...... quite a bit of work

  keith-236785 17:05 25 Oct 2003

oops, that should have read internet LOGON.

  Legolas 17:46 25 Oct 2003

gcs_uk If you have all the drivers needed for your H/Ware and all the disks you need to reinstall your software then I would recommend formatting your HDD and starting from a nice clean trouble free HDD. Also remember and backup any important info on your HDD before you format it.

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