Some Problems importing from OE6 to Windows Mail

  hawthorn59 03:28 15 Jan 2008

This was one of my main worries when changing from XP to Vista, ie that I might have a problem importing messages from OE6 to Windows mail. I had read that it was fairly straightforward and as I had previously imported form OE6 to a new pc (both XP) I wasnt too worried.

Well I have a slight problem. Im importing from a store location, ie the "Outlook Express" folder. I get a message saying it cant import from the Deleted Items folder and there is an error. When I continue and finish, Ive got a new "imported folder" with nothing in it.

Problem 2, a general W Mail issue. When I try to delete that "Imported Folder" i cant do it. Also when I read a message it still shows as unread until I close W Mail and open it again. It seems sluggish.

I just hope Im not goin to have hardship with this new laptop....or it will be going back!


  hawthorn59 15:20 16 Jan 2008

Its more a general email problem i have now, I seem to have lost many emails int the process. I have saved my emails in OE something like this:

Business 2008-

etc folders for each month, containing relevant emails. Some messages did not fit into any particular month so I used to send/store them in the "monthly" folder as general enquiries. These appear to be the ones that are lost ie they werent in the next level of folder. Yes "monthly" is a folder too so I dont understand it.

So thr problem is 2 fold, (1) I cant import into Windows Mail and (2) when I import back into OE6 Ive lost many emails. And when I exported originally I may have deleted them from the original location; if so could they be recovered? But also I may not have done that but "moved" instead of "copied" them...what a mess!


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