Some people have reported problems

  Forum Editor 00:07 23 Aug 2004

with the forum email facility - it seems that some emails sent between forum members using the envelope icons alongside usernames in the threads are going to the wrong recipients.

We're obviously looking into this, but a though has occurred to us. Many regular forum members have complained in the past that they are deluged with mail sent this way, and have had to use different email addresses for their personal mail as a result. We're wondering if we really need this facility at all - could we manage quite well without it? Other forums do, and perhaps we could, what do you think?

If there's a general feeling that we should retain the facility we will, otherwise we'll seriously consider stopping it altogether.

  powerless 00:12 23 Aug 2004

"We're wondering if we really need this facility at all - could we manage quite well without it? Other forums do, and perhaps we could, what do you think?"

Scrap it.

But there is always going to be people wanting to contact other members and I think [me myself] members would not post there email address on the forum for obvious reasons. So maybe an alternative contact method should be thought of of.


  CurlyWhirly 00:15 23 Aug 2004

I say scrap it as well - I have NEVER used it so far and what forum members say between themselves can be said OUTSIDE this forum IMHO.

  Forum Editor 01:11 23 Aug 2004

that the envelope contact method is not there so that you can email other forum users willy-nilly. Unsolicited emails can be most unwelcome, and I sometimes receive complaints from forum members who have been emailed without their knowledge and/or consent. The original idea of the email system was that you would be able to ask another member to email you, perhaps to discuss something perosnal, or something that didn't relate to the thread topic. If you use the system to ask for personal help with a problem, or to provide help on a one-to-one basis you may be depriving other forum members of the opportunity to see the resolution process at work.

So far that's two in favour of scrapping it and three against.

  Belatucadrus 01:35 23 Aug 2004

Bin it, if I get any comments via e-mail I always post a transcript and any answer in the thread.

  Simsy 05:33 23 Aug 2004

as both a sender and recipient, in the past, and my overall preference would be to keep it.

However, you refer to other forums managing without it... other forums also have the means to enable/disable the "allow others to send you a private email" feature.

How easy or possible it is I don't know, but I think the best possible option would be for a user to be able to enable this feature on a thread by thread basis. That way someone could post, "by all means send me a copy of the document...", (or whatever), and also turn the feature on, but so that it only works from that thread. It could then be disabled by the "Green tick", or by the user.

I suspect that I'm asking too much?

Food for thought anyway.



  Rigga 07:51 23 Aug 2004

Keep it,

But if you have to get rid of it, how about madboy33©®'s Idea?

  rawprawn 08:26 23 Aug 2004

Keep it, I agree with Djohn if someone has a need for something that can only be delivered by post, for example a copy of a program. It is the only way to get the necessary details, and while I have in the past had unecessary emails which could have been written in the thread, these are rare and have not really been a problem.

  Sapins 08:31 23 Aug 2004

Keep it.

  Stuartli 08:59 23 Aug 2004

Forum members have e-mailed me quite a few times over the years - all have been invariably polite and many of them have merely been to offer thanks for attempting to help them.

My gut feeling is that it is a useful channel and should be retained.

If any member received e-mails that perhaps proved abusive or unacceptable, they could easily be forwarded to the FE for his attention and the appropriate action.

  Taff36 09:17 23 Aug 2004

I have received excellent solutions to problems by using the envelope to initially contact fellow forum members who have sent me attachments or had a look at a particular file, modified and returned it. I have also helped others in this way and as long as people respect others privacy and don`t abuse the priveledge it seems to be the best solution.

I agree that e-mails should be transcribed back to the original post so that others can see what the solution was though.

Perhaps we should have a Code Of Conduct for the use of the e-mail envelope ?

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