Some options on kindle not available to me

  Bargee 10:46 23 Jan 2012


Given the new kindle wi-fi for Christmas, but I don't have wi-fi. No problem so far, I registered online & I'm able to buy & download via the PC.

Howvever, I've noticed that most of the options are not available to me off the home page including changing font (it does seem that I can do this when I'm in a book), viewing archived items, creating collections, sync & check & viewing downloads. There are other options also not available.

My question is why this should be so & could the problem be due to the fact the kindle hasn't connected via wi-fi for registration?

If I do need to do this, I'll be a bit annoyed with Amazon for making & selling a product that is virtually useless unless its hooked into their servers. It should have the ability to be a stand alone unit with the majority of features available IMO.


  Ian in Northampton 11:32 23 Jan 2012

Bargee: I'd guess you're probably thinking along the right lines. I'd imagine Amazon would expect the Kindle to be used primarily to download directly - so if you haven't connected it, online options are probably not available.

The fonts thing - I don't know the Kindle well - is almost certainly a 'context sensitive' option, as you've found: it's only possible in certain circumstances. (The thinking probably is: why would you want to change a font unless you're actually reading a book?)

I've heard - I have no personal experience - that Amazon's Kindle support is very good, so it's probably worth your while calling them to get definitive answers.

  Bargee 11:47 23 Jan 2012

Cheers Ian,

Yes, their support is quite good & since I put this up, I have had confirmation that what I've suspected is true. The kindle does have to connect to Amazon for registration in order to get the full range of options otherwise the unit will not recognise that its registered despite that you can register it without connecting the thing! Why? It doesn't make any sense to me that you can register your kindle online, but there isn't an online download for you to tell the unit that its registered!

I've told Amazon that the situation is a disgrace. Let you know how they respond to that later.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 23 Jan 2012

Pop along to your local MacDonalds or Starbucks and use their free wireless hot spot to register your Kindle

  Bargee 13:50 23 Jan 2012

Know what you're saying there fruitbat, but I live in the sticks, so not that easy. Guess I'll have to check out where there are freebie wi-fi spots in my locality, maybe our village library has one. I've heard that some libraries do.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 23 Jan 2012

May be one of your friends / neighbours will allow you to couple it to their wireless network?

  lotvic 14:28 23 Jan 2012

What's up?

Kindle menu


Wi-Fi Networks -> View -> choose your home router name

If you have WPS on your router, highlight WPS on your kindle and follow the kindle screen instructions.

If no WPS then enter your password

That's it - Done

Note: you do not have to connect kindle to internet all the time, you can just plug the cable in to your pc and transfer books to it by drag and drop or copy and paste, just like any other usb mass storage device.

You can download your books from Amazon via your pc and then put them on your kindle if you want to. It is not necessary to 'synch files' with Amazon if you don't want to.

  lotvic 14:31 23 Jan 2012

"Wi-Fi Networks -> View -> choose your home router name"

If you don't have a router, - what is your set up for internet access?

  Bargee 15:03 23 Jan 2012

I don't think you understand my situation lotvic. I don't have a wi-fi router, so what you suggest isn't going to work. I'm already downloading via PC & USB transfer anyway.

I can't see how I can connect at home without changing my router or, as suggested, borrowing a friend or neighbour's wi-fi.

  lotvic 15:12 23 Jan 2012

Ok, sorry, just wondered how you connected to internet at home if you don't use a router. Have you tried Kindle's scan for wi-fi networks? there just might be a freebie one in range or not too far away.

  Bargee 15:17 23 Jan 2012

No lotvic, my nearest freebie, according to various specialist web sites is over 15 miles away. I'll have to either wait until I can get into or near a McDonalds, or tap up a neighbour.

Cheers for your input though.

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