Some of my File Names are too long.

  wee eddie 14:30 28 Nov 2016

Some of my File Names are too long, according to my Backup Software, or so it says. I did not know that this was a problem within a 64bit System (Windows 10)

Is there any way that I can select those files, whose name is excessively lengthy, so that I might shorten them?

  bremner 16:30 28 Nov 2016

Are you backing up onto a device formatted in FAT

  Forum Editor 17:21 28 Nov 2016

There used to be a 260 character path limit in Windows, but Microsoft addressed this in build 14352 of Windows 10, which is part of the Anniversary Update.

Try this:

Press the Windows and R key together and then type: gpedit.msc

Press Enter

Go to Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Filesystem/NTFS.

Double click and Enable 'NTFS long paths'.

Now restart your computer.

  wee eddie 18:55 28 Nov 2016

It happens when Backing up onto the NAS Drive. Which is a WD MyCloud EX2

  Bris 20:20 28 Nov 2016

Your NAS OS is Linux so I guess that's where the problem lies, but that doesn't answer your question of how to identify the files with long file names - sorry.

  wee eddie 16:46 17 Dec 2016

It's not a problem on the PC.

It arises when running NTI Shadow's Regular Backups to the NAS Drive. It doesn't happen with NTI Shadow's Weekly Backup to an External USB Drive. So you may be right Bris.

So! I am still looking for a way of identifying those File Names that are too long. This may be caused by a combination of Folders within folders, etcetera

  Bris 10:46 18 Dec 2016

Found this. No idea if its any good but at least its freeware and doesn't have to be installed.

  wee eddie 14:45 18 Dec 2016

Sounds good. I shall give it a go, but not until after the New Year.

I'll report back

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