Some help with hardware please!!

  matthew-293741 18:47 30 Nov 2004

Hi all

my boss is looking to get a new computer or upgrade his existing one. I told him to goto Belarc and bring me in the details and i will have a look and tell him what's the maximum CPU and RAM he can have (what speeds), he duly did!

I taped the numbers it gave into google and got nothing, danada, niche!

so i thought someone out there may have a few suggestions - here are the details!


Model - HP Pavillion 05 DA148A-ABU 4333030211RE101Tango

CPU- 2.00Ghz celeron
MOBO- hewlett-packard HP system board HP P/N
Serial number :KD1249284716
Bus clock:100
BIOS: Phoenix tech, LTD. VG31316

the MOBO has only got 2 slots, of which slot "A" contains at present 256Mb.

ca 100gb HDD.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

  961 19:04 30 Nov 2004

Many HP computers are built specially to that company's design and are difficult to upgrade. You don't say how old the computer is but I guess it's not really worth spending money to upgrade

He would be much better advised to buy new.

If he has a good monitor he can always buy computer without monitor to save £50/£60

I suggest current offers from Dell (bearing in mind these can also be difficult to upgrade later) or Mesh

The main question is, what does he expect the computer to do?

Other than the memory i think nothing else would need upgrading....

What does he want to use the PC for other than work?

  joethebow 19:17 30 Nov 2004

OK so lets say he's going to upgrade:
New memory ~ £50
New Processor ~ £75
New Mobo ~ £60

So that's around £180 and he's still got the old drives and power supply. Personally all I'd add is another 256k of RAM, say £25

Have a look on Ebay at System Units. Look midweek as prices go up at least 25% on sales ending at the weekend.

But why does he want to upgrade? he's got a reasonably fast processor and adequate memory. Unless he's doing a lot of cad work or playing ultra fast games. Tt should be fast enough for most other applications. If he expects the upgrade to increase his internet speed it wont.

  jack 19:32 30 Nov 2004

Agree with all
Dell/HP/others are built as a discrete systems no room to'up' very much.
As joethebow says as an 'office' machine that is all you need. a P1/2 with 10 gig and 64 Mb does office work. All this chase the latest spec is the 'business' keeping the kettle on the boil, and gamers getting ever more frenetic.

  matthew-293741 20:44 30 Nov 2004

thanks for your replies on this, he and (more importantly) his son want to upgrade to be able to play the latest games (i know he will need to upgrade his GFGX card - currently a MX420)...i think what it is, his son plays online and is jealous of all the other "bratz" PC spec's...he is currently playing HL2 (lowest settings) and must be getting some slow down.

Basically me Boss wants to see which avenue would be i said that "if i could" i would see what the max specs are for his system..just to give him some idea on what he might have to pay for just a new CPU and a large stick of RAM...the prices i can the specs i am having trouble with.


  Starfox 21:22 30 Nov 2004

Whatever is done to that pc it will struggle to play the latest games even on low resolutions(I am assuming it has onboard graphics as you do not say what the graphics card is)so new is really the only option.

  matthew-293741 21:26 30 Nov 2004

erm...he has a GFX card (MX420)!!

  Starfox 21:30 30 Nov 2004

just seen your last posting re MX420 graphics card.I think new is still the best option.
As a matter of interest some of the latest games are not supportive of any MX cards(Deus-Ex invisible war for example)

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