Some good news for Freesat followers

  Stuartli 00:07 25 Oct 2008

Humax's long awaited Freesat PVR is not all that far away from becoming available in the shops. See:

click here

  Audio~~Chip 01:00 25 Oct 2008

not got or know much about Freesat apart from its like Sky & Free after you buy the kit. You point to Humax, are these the knees bees of Free Sat kit? or is it you mention it because of the recording function ?

  chub_tor 10:03 25 Oct 2008

Thanks for that Stuartli, that is really good news. I have had the Humax Freeview unit for several years now and it has totally changed my way of viewing and now to be able to do that in High Def just makes my knees go weak even thinking about it. Can't wait for it to be in the shops.

Audio~~Chip - in my opinion Humax is definitely the bees knees of PVR's. They have consistently lead the way with their range of PVR products.

  Stuartli 10:46 25 Oct 2008

The Humax Freeview 9200T PVR and F2-FOX-T Freeview set top box are the benchmarks for these type of products, hence the considerable anticipation of the Freesat PVR equivalent.

One of my offspring has been dreaming of the day the Freesat PVR finally goes on sale so it can be linked up with a new Panasonic plasma...:-)

  Stuartli 10:48 25 Oct 2008

You can receive BBC HD channels on Sky but ITV, who jointly commenced the Freesat service with the BBC back in May, have stated quite categorically that its HD channels will only be available on Freesat.

As ITV now has the FA Cup as well as its long term coverage of the Champions League, that's an important factor for many, apart from the fact Freesat is subscription free.

  AL47 10:53 25 Oct 2008

it makes sense for itv

temmpt people away from sky to freesat

less channels to watch>more chance you will watch ITV>more advertising revenue

we have freesat now after cancelling sky

  prince midas 10:58 25 Oct 2008

Do I have to have new dish to watch Freesat or can I connect freesat to an existing Sky Freeview dish using 2 connectors which I presume I would have to switch to go from Sky Free to Freesat or is this impossible and would I have to have a new Freesat Dish.

  Fingees 12:29 25 Oct 2008

Freesat channels are available on normal sky box.

I use one, but no longer subscribe to sky, due to so many repeats.

  prince midas 12:54 25 Oct 2008

I agree you can get free programs on Sky but are they the same as Freesat which I doubt and do I have to retune a Sky dish to receive them or can I run both Freesat and Sky Free without having 2 connectors? Remember the new Freesat boxes are in HD.

  Stuartli 14:39 25 Oct 2008

The cheaper Freesat set top boxes are only SD, with the HD versions around three times the price.

Hence the better value, apart from the recording features, of the Humax PVR.

The free programmes on Sky are completely different even though it's also called Freesat. See:

click here

BBC/ITV version's website:

click here

  prince midas 14:48 25 Oct 2008

I would get one of these new Humax HD Freesat boxes when they come out.
But my question is simply that can I keep my old Sky Freeview Dish to watch Sky free and also connect the new HUMAX box to the existing dish or will I need a new dish to connect the Humax box to.

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