Some Files I want to uninstall

  allclear 01:07 17 Oct 2008

Hello All,

I wonder if you can help please as I am not too good with techo stuff.

I had alot of rubbish & virus on my pc so had to professionally removed by a hard disc reformat.

The company has backed up my previous files but there are some files I want to delete without leaving any traces in the registry. Previously I have deleted files but that left some traces of the files in the registry. Can someone please recommened how best to go about achieving this please?


  Belatucadrus 01:23 17 Oct 2008

What sort of files are you talking about as usually documents and files don't affect the registry, programs do.

  Technotiger 08:59 17 Oct 2008

Install this free program click here

Under the Modules tab you will find a very effective File Shredder.

A very useful program to have in any case - the One-click Maintenance is grreat.

  allclear 12:25 17 Oct 2008

Thanks Technotiger,

I have, in the past, installaed free programs but have also encountered virus and other problems. I am tempted to try downloading this softwrae you have suggested but wondering how safe is it? as not many retail outlets would provide free software. Please let me know if you or anyone has tried out this software.


  provider 2 13:01 17 Oct 2008

I`ve not tried Technotiger`s suggested utility but I use this one (RevoUninstaller) which is freeware and is a tried and trusted program, much recommended here.

Several useful functions are included and there is plenty of instuctional material available on the site including FAQs:

click here

  Technotiger 13:51 17 Oct 2008

I have been using Glary Utilities for ages, every week, it is totally safe!

I also use Rev Uninstaller as per provider 2's link, it too is grrreat!

  allclear 15:23 17 Oct 2008

Thanks Technotiger,
Just one thing. I have AVG 8 installed. One of the fuctions it has that it detects Trojans and spyware which Glary also has. Is there likely to be any clashing problems please?.

One the reasons i had to get professional help is because I tried to install Mcafee which recommended that I unstall AVG 8. I did that and then I was in a dilema as I was not able to install either of the software. Both installations failed and my pc was open to all sorts of viruses and junk. So I just want to be a bit careful.
Thanks once again

  Technotiger 15:28 17 Oct 2008

No clash at all with AVG, I also use AVG Free!

  allclear 15:46 17 Oct 2008

Thanks Technotiger for your quick response.

I think I'll have a go. As I went to the Glary site I noticed Regcure is being advertised. Do you whether its free. Looks a good piece of software

  Technotiger 15:50 17 Oct 2008

I personally don't like RegCure.

  allclear 19:51 17 Oct 2008

Thanks Techotiger, I downloaded Glary and its an excellent piece of software.

Cheers mate

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