some files cannot be defragmented?

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 07:47 22 May 2003

i did a defragment on my windows c drive but i got a report at the end of it that some files cannot be defragmented why is this?

is there a problem?

  rawprawn 07:54 22 May 2003

No it should not be a problem, they are usually backup files.

  Andsome 08:30 22 May 2003

Try this click here

  Tittlemouse 12:06 22 May 2003

Thank you for that 'click here'. I've been trying to download Diskeeper Lite for a while now but couldn't find it. Even on Diskeeper website. Have already installed it and its working fine. Thanks again.

  Andsome 13:43 22 May 2003

If you like the program after trying it for a while, it is well worth downloading the paid for version. It is not expensive, and can be configured to run continuously on all hard drives. Whenever I click onto Norton System Doctor, the drives are ALWAYS at 100% unfragmented. You have to uninstall the free one before you install the paid for version. I downloaded to a download folder and saved it to a CD before installing it, so that If I ever need to reinstall Windows, I have it handy.

  Tittlemouse 15:58 22 May 2003

Sorry about the delay in replying but have been to pick up my young grandson. Perhaps when I do install the paid for version could I perhaps mail you for instructions if things get out of hand?. Thanks...

  Andsome 09:03 23 May 2003

No problem, please feel free. You will find however that it is even easier to use than the free version. As I said you just set it to run continuously and forget it. You can see the setting in the free version, but cannot use it. I rank it as one of the very best freebies available, together with spyware blaster, and spybot search and destroy. I forget what the paid for version costs, but it a bit over $20.

  Tittlemouse 09:39 23 May 2003

Ansome, Thanks for that. I note that in todays PC Advisor magazine it does say that you need to be very serious about defragging to consider spending £20 (downloaded version) for something that is free with Windows and with XP is almost as good as Diskeeper. Any thoughts on that. It suggests that most of us only defrag every six months.

  Andsome 08:29 24 May 2003

I have read the article. To say that most people defrag every six months is in my opinion patent nonsense. I have always defragged at least once a week to keep everything running smoothly. With XP I have found that initially fragmenting occurs quicker that in 98SE, (this is only my findings, although a close friend agrees). It usually settles down for a few days at about 95% unfragmented, then starts to go lower, depending on what I am doing. (Again I am not saying that this happens with other people). I have been quite happy to pay for the convenience of always having my hard drives at 100%. I have just had my credit card bill, and the cost was £19.99. It is a matter of personal choice. It seems that many people who complain that defragging takes ages have not done it frequently enough.

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